Like a Storm in Peoria IL

Like a Storm (Shinedown Openers)
A Room that wasn’t the Civic Center- Peoria, IL

Like a Storm (Shinedown Openers) A Room that wasn't the Civic Center- Peoria, IL 2/13/2010Saturday’s concert was crazy before it began. It made Yvette and I wish we were covering the Mariah Carey show in Chicago other than driving 3 ½ hours to Peoria, IL. We arrived at Civic Center, which apparently houses all the entertainment for Peoria, because there was also a hockey game going last night. There were old people dressed to the 9’s waiting in line for Shinedown. Well, I informed them that the huge line they were standing in was for Like a Storm, Puddle of Mudd, and Shinedown. They looked all shocked and confused as many of us were, because our night also started by us standing in the WRONG ticket line. Once at the correct box office, I was handed hockey tickets as I was waiting in line for our passes.

Like a Storm (Shinedown Openers) A Room that wasn't the Civic Center- Peoria, IL 2/13/2010After that we learned that doors were opening at 6:30pm, which I thought was very interesting because I was told Like a Storm was slated for a 6:45pm start time. I thought maybe I was told the wrong time, but Oh no, I was properly informed and they expected thousands of college kids to pile through a couple sets of doors in 15 minutes. There were lots of us waiting to get into the room for the show. Plus we still didn’t have our tickets, but that’s because of the nasty ass customer service people at the box office. Thanks guys!!

Like a Storm (Shinedown Openers) A Room that wasn't the Civic Center- Peoria, IL 2/13/2010So…we really only heard 5 minutes of Like a Storm which is incredibly sad because that is who we really wanted to see. I think I heard an Alice in Chains cover in their set, but of course that was me attempting to listen from the hallway near the box office. Am I bitter? YES! Should I have taken the hockey tickets? YES!!

Photos of Like a Storm in Peoria:

On a positive note, Yvette managed to run to the stage to get a couple shots in.

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