Puddle of Mudd Takes Peoria for a Ride on their Spaceship

Puddle of Mudd
A Place in Peoria- Peoria, IL

Puddle of Mudd A Place in Peoria- Peoria, IL 2/13/2010It was the last night of the Sound of Madness Tour here in America with Like a Storm, Skillet, Puddle of Mudd, and Shinedown. What a way to end it, in a town that is truly in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks to Puddle of Mudd for making my night a lively one and I didn’t realize I how much I missed seeing these guys live. Last time I saw them was at Q101’s Twisted 8 and considering they are on Twisted 28,001 that was a long time ago.

Honestly I didn’t feel Wes was on the ball the whole night but he sure knows how to have fun and engage the audience. Plus, he moved around pretty good considering it was just in early December when Wes hurt his right foot and was on crutches while on the promo tour for Volume 4: Songs in The Key Of Love And Hate.

They opened with “Control” which sent the crowd into “spirit finger” mode, and if you didn’t know what spirit fingers were Wes showed you over and over during their set shouting, “Spirit Fingers in the air mother fuckers!”

It was during “Blurry” when we were all thrown for a loop. I was waiting in anticipation for Wes’ vocals to finally warm up but it really didn’t happen. He hit just about every octave range during “Blurry” which is odd because he really isn’t supposed to. The crowd actually paused singing momentarily while he reached a deep octave range and realized he couldn’t take it any deeper so he jumped a few octaves up. EEK!

I know I am really ripping into Wes but the flip side to all this criticism is nobody really cared what his vocals sounded like. When the guys shredded into “Psycho” the crowd went insane and shouted, not sang, the chorus. Plus, Wes showed us lots of dance moves throughout the night, including one with his guitar tech.

The encore was fabulous because they played “She Hates Me” and mixed in a bit of Grease’s “Summer Lovin'” and “The Joker.” The crowd at that point was ready for whatever Shinedown was going to throw at them. There is no doubt in my mind that Puddle of Mudd left a great taste in the audience’s mouth.




Spaceship (song about getting naked-Wes)

Blood on the Table



AC/DC Cover – TNT


She Hates ME/Summer Lovin’/The Joker

Puddle of Mudd photos from Peoria:

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jessica, I read your review and Yvette’s (will call always sucks!) about POM in Peoria. I’d like to add a link to your photos on my website. Please let me know if this is ok with you and deadhub.com. Thank! Either way, great photos!


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