Athens based Gift Horse release their solo debut “Mountain of Youth”

Athens based Gift Horse release their solo debut “Mountain of Youth”

The Hank Sullivant (Kuroma, The Whigs, MGMT) produced LP will be self released on May 4th

Look for the album on iTunes on March 12th

Gift Horse warmed stages for some of the finest including Meat Puppets, Dead Confederate, Kuroma, All the Saints, Richard Lloyd, Arizona, and Twin Tigers.

Flagpole-“These fellas delivered one of my grander sonic adventures for the past couple of months, and I definitely recommend them to the curious. They could open for just about anyone in the public musical eye at present and hold their own, if not steal the show.”

BLUR-“Gift Horse relishes in the fact that it incorporates the stigma of our recent rock legends. It’s a combination of detailed concentration, cheerful respect and constructive criticism that surrounds their music…the album incorporates organ, chimes and space-filling reverb, sure to take listeners back to the day of rock lore and re-establish the sound we all frantically, whether consciously or unconsciously, seek.”

Tour Dates! More Soon!
Mar 16 – City Tavern Dallas, TX
Mar 19 – SXSW – “KRR Records Party” Austin, TX
Mar 20 – SXSW – “40 Watt Party at Side Bar” Austin, Texas
Apr 1 – 529 – Atlanta, GA
Apr 2 – Caledonia – Athens, GA

Formed in Athens, GA in 2008, Gift Horse is Hunter Morris (vocals/keyboards), Mike Stokes (guitar/vocals), Vaughan Lamb (bass), and Brandon Scarboro (drums). “Mountain of Youth” produced by Hank Sullivant (Kuroma, The Whigs, MGMT) and engineered, mixed by Nate Nelson (Nate Nelson and Cortright, Maria Taylor) and mastered by Joel Hatstet.

Gift Horse’s captivating and intense live shows have been turning all the right heads throughout the Southeast and in New York, where they’ve built a large and loyal following based on what keeps being referenced as a wholly unique and utterly refreshing sound. The songs are about honesty and inevitability, but the sound certainly takes the listener as far from reality as one might care to venture.

2010 will see the release of their debut album and their first full national tour.

But as much as they’re eager for the promise of the very near future, it’s the last year of a true labor of love that has gotten Gift Horse to this point. This band has worked oh so diligently to prepare their concoction of melody and atmosphere that, on record, or live and in person, is completely captivating and never lacking in depth or delivery. These guys have a rare knack for effortlessly intertwining a true grasp of their own sound with an honest embrace of their influences.

Gift Horse’s sound has drawn a wide array of comparisons from the psychedelic shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine, to the mid-90’s grunge of The Smashing Pumpkins and The Breeders, to the ambient drone-rock of bands like Low and The Black Angels. Above all else, Gift Horse operates with an understanding that a song, no matter how well written it may be, is only as effective as the mood it conveys.

More from Flagpole:

“…the beauty of Gift Horse is not so much the music created, but the atmosphere the band swallows you in. Prepare to be transfixed in an aural array of psychedelic grunge and indie rock…droning, pulsing grunge meets shoegaze rock. The band started up a haunting number, lit from below by a single spotlight, creating a shadowy atmosphere. It’s like riding through the desert night during a thunderstorm – you’re your own personal soundtrack.”

Who are Gift Horse:
Hunter Morris – vox, keys
Mike Stokes – guitar, vox
Brandon Scarboro – drums
Vaughan Lamb – bass

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