LA Riots in Chicago!

LA Riots
Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL

La Riot

There must be something in the water in L.A. Seriously. This is the second DJ I’ve seen coming from the West coast, and yet again my mind was blown.

The LA Riots show at the Abbey Pub was unbelievable. I think I may have had a religious experience with someone on the dance floor.

There is a pretty great chance you have heard one of their remixes. They have more remixes than any artist I can think of. Some of their single tracks can get picked up via their Myspace page (good to know Myspace is still being used for something!) The rest can be founds on the ever growing collection of music blogs, where the They are consistently producing better and better tracks from all genres creating the most club-bangin’ tracks to shake up the many, many clubs in L.A. the duo frequents. Right now, they are touring through major cities in the U.S. and Canada. They’re stopping through again on April 3rd playing at Wicker Park’s very own Bottom lounge. Another electro-DJ-friend, MSTRKRFT, mentions, “They are the best DJs in L.A. and whenever we play with them, we know we really have to bring our best.. and not many DJs make me nervous!”

The LA Riots produce some of the best club beats I have ever heard. Straying from your typical four-to-the-floor remixes, somehow the LA Riots can infuse pop-like Kylie Minogue with essences of anything from dub to pure electronic funk. Not satisfied with remixing artists from separate genres like The Ting Tings or Chicago-local Kid Sister, the DJ duo have remixed other big name DJs like Justice, N.A.S.A. and Tiesto… The results were electrifying! The team DJs transformed the entire Abbey Pub into their very own club. There was plenty of room to pop and lock it, but with all the bodies in motion it was difficult to really shake my groove thing.

I mean, no one comes to an LA Riots show to just stand around.

La Riot
You can test that theory yourself by grabbing a ticket to their next show: April 3rd @ the Bottom lounge!

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