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    Alkaline Armageddon in Chicago!

    Alkaline Trio
    Metro – Chicago, IL

    Alkaline trio 11

    There’s nothing like seeing a band on their home turf. The energy in the room is unparalleled. This was not my first time seeing Chicago’s hometown heroes, Alkaline Trio, but this was an especially awesome show. If you’re an Alk3 fan that remembers and misses the early days this tour is made for you.

    Alkaline trio 12

    Their new album, “This Addiction”, was just released last week (February 23, 2010), only a few days before their hometown show. I was eagerly anticipating the new album. Once I heard the title track “This Addiction” I was excited. The sound is reminiscent of some of my favorite songs from “Goddamnit” and “From Here To Infirmary”. I must confess, once I listened to “This Addiction” as a whole I was a little disappointed. It sounded like the older stuff, but with a new twist. It didn’t quite hit the spot, so to speak. However, after a few more listens “This Addiction” has really grown on me. It’s a solid record and definitely better than their last album, “Agony and Irony”.

    On to the show! What made this show so special? The set list.

    It could be turned into a fantastic greatest hits album. They were all high energy, fun songs with Alkaline’s signature morbid feel. Most of the songs came from their newest release, “Good Mourning” and “From Here To Infirmary”. I told all of you already…the new songs reminded me of FHTI. I wasn’t surprised by the set list, but pleasantly surprised. There were way more old songs than I anticipated. Awesome! As I expected the new blended in quite well with the old.

    Alkaline trio 13

    The bodies rushed towards the stage for “Armageddon”. The crowd was deafening while singing along to “We’ve Had Enough”. “Stupid Kid” made everyone jump around. One of my personal favorites, “My Friend Peter”, had the crowd pumped. Okay, maybe it was just me. C’mon, how can you not love that song?!?? I must also give an honorable mention to the cover of the Misfit’s “Attitude”, pretty awesome.

    From the kids that arrived at 2:30 pm to stand right at the stage to the owner of Metro, Mr. Joe Shanahan, up in the VIP section – everyone was rockin’ out. I even ran into Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms. He pointed out the Ani DiFranco verse Matt Skiba slipped into “97”. Thanks Brendan! I’m not so familiar with Ani’s music and, to be honest, I would’ve totally missed that. :

    “Radio” brought the crowd down and ended another amazing night of Alkaline Trio at Metro.

    Alkaline trio 1

    If you’re a former (or fair weathered) Alkaline Trio fan, now’s your time to give ’em another chance. Don’t hate on their fame. If you’re an Alk3 lover, they haven’t quite done a 180, but they are now (more than they have been in a long time) more like that band you fell in love with.

    No matter how much you love (or don’t) Alkaline Trio, they are not to be missed when they play the Metro in Chicago.

    Alkaline trio 2

    Set list:

    This Addiction
    Dine, Dine My Darling
    We’ve Had Enough
    Mr. Chainsaw
    Dead On The Floor
    Fatally Yours
    Stupid Kid
    Goodbye Forever
    Blue Carolina
    Private Eye
    One Hundred Stories
    My Friend Peter
    San Francisco

    Alkaline trio 3

    Alkaline trio 4

    Alkaline trio 5

    Alkaline trio 6

    Alkaline trio 7

    Alkaline trio 8

    Alkaline trio 9

    Alkaline trio 10

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    1. Very nice photos for your first official show!

    2. Jessica says:

      Rock on Stacy! Pretty cool photos!

    3. stacy young says:

      Thanks guys! I had a blast! I can’t wait to shoot more shows :)

    4. emily says:

      great shots! I LOVE the second one.

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