Ellen Allien Returns With Dust, New Album Out 5/18/10 On BPitch Control!


Ellen Allien, owner of the BPitch Control label and queen of Berlin’s more delicately woven rave music, has been tinkering with the sound of the city for over a decade now. What has remained from all these years – packed with great releases, highly original remixes and exploratory mix CDs – are her five monolithic albums (Stadtkind, Berlinette, Thrills, the collaboration with Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles, and Sool), each the condensed result of a completely different creative phase – made to stand the test of time. Indeed, looking back, each of them in its own right can be seen as marking a piece of techno history.

Just like each of Ellen’s previous albums, her last, Sool, where minimalist artifacts float through the room with a cool elegance and distanced allure, was followed by a metamorphosis. With her new album, Dust, out May 18th on BPitch Control, Ellen removes the sense of remoteness entirely. A warm immediacy takes center stage in place of distanced artistic abstraction. As such, what is perhaps Ellen’s most personal album takes the form of a complete spectrum of her creative output to date, a cross-section in time which also looks ahead to previously untrodden paths. . .  The world according to Ellen.

Dust takes place between nocturnal excesses and the packed diary of a Berlin lady who not only manages one of the world’s most illustrious electronic record labels, but also raises a great deal of dust with her work as a fashion designer, a producer and a DJ. Ranging from “Huibuh” and “Sun the Rain”, perfectly tranquil, melodic, sexy and self-content synth-pop songs, to the equally sun-drenched “Ever”, where the plucked synths and glockenspiels float adrift over an unobtrusive beat framework, and the splendid indie pop featuring Ellen’s bright vocals of “You”, to the more complex and experimental, but never too intellectual “Dream”, the pleasant glare of the “Flashy Flashy” disco lights where Ellen’s vocals float searchingly to sing a duet with her pitched down alter ego, and the old school analog synth of “Schlumi”, the songs on Dust are blended into a funky groove of life-affirming bliss.

Ellen Allien Online:

Official site: http://www.ellenallien.de

MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/ellenallien

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/EllenAllien

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ellenalliendj

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/BPitchControlTV

Ellen Allien fashion – http://www.fashion.ellenallien.de

BPitch Control – http://www.bpitchcontrol.de/artist/1

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