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Scott Hardkiss new EP feat. remixes by Dean & Britta, Joe Claussell, DJ Phunkae & Scott!

Scott Hardkiss new EP feat. remixes by

Dean & Britta, Joe Claussell, DJ Phunkae & Scott!

Scott Hardkiss’ New EP Come On, Come On (Part II) Due Out March 23rd on God Within Recordings

New York, NY – We’re excited to present the new EP from Scott Hardkiss Come On, Come On (Part II) which features all new remixes that take the unique track into completely different sonic territories! Dean & Britta, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, and DJ Phunkae each put their own spin on Scott Hardkiss’ original song “Come On, Come On” off his album Technicolor Dreamer.

In their gorgeous downtempo remix, NYC indie darlings Dean & Britta (formerly of Luna) reimagine the song into a psychedelic rock meets intimate electronic chill-out ballad with beats, keys, and dreamy vocals by Britta Phillips and tripped-out space guitars by Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500).  Scott Hardkiss delivers his own signature uplifting club mix in both vocal & dub versions that effortlessly shifts between breaks and 4/4 beats in an anthemic tribute to all the old school Hardkiss-heads.  The legendary Joaquin “Joe” Claussell of Body & Soul and Sacred Rhythm unleashes two brand-new remixes that push the boundaries of dance music by combining fiery house & techno with experimental jazz in a startling way that’s sure to bring the more adventurous dancefloors to their knees. Electro-funk master DJ Phunkae (Real Hype/ Kick It) brings it all back home and tips his hat to the funky 90’s US breaks style that first Scott made famous in a seriously fun breakbeat jam, also available here in both vocal & instrumental versions.

Come On, Come On” featuring Lisa Shaw was the shot heard round the world for Scott Hardkiss’ debut Technicolor Dreamer album on his Brooklyn-based boutique label God Within Recordings. This beautifully unique song fuses futuristic electronic beats & production with live instrumentation and jaw-droppingly beautiful vocals written by Scott and sung by Lisa Shaw of Salted/Naked Music into a danceable but emotionally-drenched anthem that has been hailed as a “future classic” and a slice of “breakbeat Buddhism.” The original Come On, Come On EP featured remixes of the stunning song by Morgan Geist of Metro Area & Environ and Joe Claussell of Body & Soul and received overwhelmingly positive feedback and support from a vastly wide range of club and radio DJs worldwide, so get ready for Come On, Come On (Part II) EP!

Track Listing for Come On, Come On (Part II) EP

1. Come On, Come On (Dean & Britta Remix) (feat. Britta Phillips)

2. Come On, Come On (Scott Hardkiss Remix)

3. Come On, Come On (DJ Phunkae Remix)

4. Come On, Come On (Joe Claussell Dance Dance Version)

5. Come On, Come On (Scott Hardkiss Dub)

6. Come On, Come On (DJ Phunkae Instrumental)

7. Come On, Come On (Joe Claussell Humidity Dub Version)

8. Come On, Come On (Radio Edit)

Scott Hardkiss will be releasing a series of eclectic remix EPs from Technicolor Dreamer this year. Keep your eyes out for news of Beat Freak the next EP release!!

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