New Found Glory Celebrates ’10 Year Anniversary’

New Found Glory
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
March 5, 2010

New Found Glory Chicago 1

To commemorate the 10 Year Anniversary of their self-titled debut album, New Found Glory performed at the House of Blues last Friday night to a jam-packed house full of the band’s most die-hard fans in Chicago. The first half of the show featured songs from the New Found Glory record played from front to back in their original sequenced order. New Found Glory formed in 1997 in Coral Springs, Florida with lead singer Jordan Pundik, lead guitarist and composer Chad Gilbert, rhythm guitarist and lyricist Steve Klein, bassist Ian Grushka, and drummer Cyrus Bolooki.

More photos of New Found Glory and the complete Chicago set list after the jump…

New Found Glory Chicago

Ian Grushka (bass guitar)

New Found Glory Chicago 5

Chad Gilbert (lead guitar, backing vocals, composer)

New Found Glory Chicago 6

Jordan Pundik (lead vocals)

New Found Glory Chicago 11

Cyrus Bolooki (drums, percussion)

New Found Glory Chicago 16

Steve Klein (rhythm guitar, lyricist)

New Found Glory Chicago 18

Set List / Chicago

—————————-ROUND ONE—————————-

Better Off Dead

Dressed To Kill

Sincerely Me

Hit Or Miss

Second To Last




Black And Blue

Boy Crazy

All About Her

Ballad For The Lost Romantics

——————————ROUND TWO—————————-


All Downhill From Here

Hold My Hand

Don’t Let Her Pull You Down

Truck Stop Blues


My Friends Over You

New Found Glory Chicago 17

Though never experiencing stardom with commercial hits and radio airplay, New Found Glory has created a cult following and has consistently put out successful albums since their debut in 1997. New Found Glory’s underground success was evident last Friday night in Chicago as the band was able to transform the crowd the moment the curtain parted and the guys took the stage. The House of Blues became one raging party with a mosh/circle pit in the middle of the GA floor and repeat offenders body surfing up to the front.

New Found Glory Chicago 2

Boys and girls strained and grabbed at the chance to touch hands with lead singer Jordan Pundik as security guards hauled them out of the pit and over the barricade. Once safely down on the ground and standing upright, these lucky fans were forced to return to the back and start their journey all over again. I could feel the floor shaking as hundreds of people bounced up and down when Pundik demanded everybody to “Jump!” The sold out crowd’s energy surged through me, making me feel like I was New Found Glory’s number one fan even though this was my first time seeing NFG live in concert.

New Found Glory Chicago 3

When recalling their intimate acoustic show at Chicago’s Subterranean this past fall, lead guitarist Chad Gilbert admitted, “Our music should not be played acoustically.” Pundik concurred and replied, “That shit’s awkward as hell.” Acoustically, the guys hailing from Florida may be ‘awkward as hell,’ but as the pioneers of the pop punk fusion sound, they score a perfect ten. Having created catchy and invigorating tunes that will remain in fans’ hearts and heads whether played ten or twenty years down the road.

New Found Glory Chicago 9

After New Found Glory finished up the set list from their self-titled album (New Found Glory, 2000), the fivesome disappeared while the stage was revamped for ‘Round Two’ as referenced by Pundik. “Are you ready for Round Two?” he asked the group’s adoring audience. Of course we were ready to keep rocking out! And that is just what we did until the end of the 70 minutes long show. ‘Round Two’ ended up being a montage of hits serving as continued promotion for NFG’s 2009 studio release Not Without A Fight, produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus.

New Found Glory Chicago 4

Throughout the entire night, I was entertained by the New Found Glory’s explosive sound and vigorous performance. Furthermore, I was captivated by the hard-hitting energy of the fans, the crowd’s transformation and response to the music, the boy in the lime green body suit invited onstage to dance, and Pundik’s too-tight jeans. Let’s not forget the irreplaceable image of Grushka’s beer belly hanging out over his basketball shorts while performing shirtless, as usual. Some things never change…

New Found Glory Chicago 7

The New Found Glory 10 Year Anniversary show definitely was a memorable one. At one point near the end of the night Gilbert said, “We’ve been a band for 13 years and we hope to see you at the 20 Year Anniversary.” Not many bands can say that they were together for 20 years. I think New Found Glory can be one of the few that make it that long. Seven years from now, I recommend that you go and see a New Found Glory show when they play in your city. You can bet I will be there!

New Found Glory Chicago 10

New Found Glory Chicago 8

New Found Glory Chicago 12

New Found Glory Chicago 22

New Found Glory Chicago 13

New Found Glory Chicago 20

New Found Glory Chicago 14

New Found Glory Chicago 25

New Found Glory Chicago 15

New Found Glory Chicago 19

New Found Glory Chicago 21

New Found Glory Chicago 23

New Found Glory Chicago 24

New Found Glory Chicago 28

New Found Glory Chicago 26

New Found Glory Chicago 30

New Found Glory Chicago 27

New Found Glory Chicago 29

Written by: Kate Jacobsen
Photos by: Jennifer Boyer

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  1. Sarah says:

    I know a couple of people that went to that show, looks like it was a good time. :)

  2. Tiffany Snyder says:

    The beer belly is too funny! Great pictures!!

  3. michelle says:

    These pictures are awesome.
    It looks like in a few months Jordan is going to be as big as Ian…
    I love that he has a picture of himself on his bass.

  4. one of the awesome post I have ever seen in this forum. I found this very much useful for my future work. Thank you very much .


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