The Sarah Silverman Program Out Now!

The audiences demanded it, so here it is! The soundtrack to the hit Comedy Central series, The Sarah Silverman Program is available NOW. Comedy Central Records releases the Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program: From Our Rears To Your Ears CD. The album contains 99 tracks with songs from all three seasons including “Cookie Party,” “Poop Song,” “Humanitarian” and “Baby Penis In Your Mind,” as well as excerpts from the show’s most memorable scenes in all of their raw, uncensored glory!

Emmy-winner Sarah Silverman is as versatile a performer as they come. Her repertoire includes everything from film and television to stand-up comedy, to iconic online videos and she will soon add published author to this list when she releases her first book this spring. Silverman’s third season of The Sarah Silverman Program premiered on Comedy Central on February 4 and her book, a memoir, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee, will appear in stores on April 20.


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