Album Review: Hockey ‘Mind Chaos’

Mind Chaos
Capitol Records
Lincoln Hall, Chicago
Friday, March 12, 2010

Mind Chaos comes in like a comical video game that escaped from the 1980s and goes out like a tender thought shared between friends over a pint of something really good. Hockey – the Portland, Oregon-based quartet – has released a collection of songs that blend genres while bending them to fit their explosive little soundscapes. There is never a dull moment on Mind Chaos.

There is also nothing expected or predictable. The first listen to this 11-song disc is like a 45-minute birthday. There are a lot of surprises and they all feel so good you can’t wait to hear them again.

Ben Grubin’s vocals as versatile as the types of songs collected here. Whether he is rocking a bumpy cut like “Song Away” or offering a plaintive relaxed delivery evidenced on “Wanna Be Black” Grubin keeps things interesting.

Mind Chaos exists at the confluence of humor and solid craftsmanship. They highlight it with an unquestionable love for music that would be as at home in a John Hughes film as in a Devo concert. The endearing thing is – this music is honest and fun.

Stand out tracks:
“Song Away” and “Everyone’s The Same Age”

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