Hockey: Now In Band Form

Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

“You guys are awesome… no, for real!” – lead singer, Benji Gruben in reaction to the front row fans antics.

The too hip for hipsters donned their tightest skinny jeans for their Chicago show. The Portland-based group is currently touring the US with no end in sight. They toured the UK for the majority of last year where they first garnered attention from BBC Radio 1.

Hockey played a high energy show in such a small space, you couldn’t help but dance. Playing through most of their upcoming album, Mind Chaos, the band lost most of their steam in the middle of their set by playing through their slower set. Hockey’s music, however, was not lost on the crowd who shuffled along to whatever jams Hockey popped out.

The crowd’s favorite tracks were definitely there with their first hit single “Too Fake” being saved for the (obvious) encore. Hockey even premiered a few new songs, one, “Rebels Marry Young”, which sounded like the band was trying to cross into a cross of rock and folk, similar to the Cold War Kids. I’m sold.

But, what of your new music? Is there another EP in the works? Are you going to follow Hollywood and re-release Mind Chaos with extra tracks? Give us something!

I was surprised to see the beginnings of a mosh happen towards the front of the ever-growing crowd. Hockey is not a “mosh” type of sound. If anything it is the antithesis of an angry mosh pit trashing around. Hockey’s music is anti-pop rock in a pop package. A mosh to their hit single “Too Fake” would be funny. Then again, I have seen a mosh pit form to a cover of “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

… Yeah.

All in all, a great show from a great band who isn’t Kings of Leon famous- not yet anyway.

Written by: Blake Russell

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