Partner Post: Betta Promotions will be hosting A Lull, Suns, Group of Altos, and Young Sun at Subterranean

Betta Promotions will be hosting A Lull, Suns, Group of Altos, and Young Sun at Subterranean

Chicago IL March 25 2010 – On Saturday April 3 2010 Betta Promotions will bring a very illuminated and much anticipated line-up of Chicago, and Wisconsin’s, finest to Subterranean. Headlining the evening will be A Lull (Lujo Records). With one of the fullest  live bands (7 members to date) in the area, A Lull brings to the stage even more than they’ve managed to squeeze onto the ocean of sound that is their debut EP, Ice Cream Bones, and the more recent 7″ Weapons For War / Spread It All Around. Coming off multiple showcases in Austin at SXSW they’ll surely fulfill your expectations of any Saturday night. “[A Lull] have pulled together their collective indie rock experience to produce a lush, intricate, headphone-ready indie pop record that surprises, delights and frustrates – all in just over 11 minutes.”

Suns is a six piece band hailing from Chicago with a sound as big as their name suggests, and melodies that blend and bind as harmoniously as a dual sunset. Thanks to two drummers, and a list of instrumentation that reads like a music catalogue. Currently recording a 4 song prelude to their debut, Howl And The Many, with Jon Alvin (Dr Manhattan, Wax on Radio, Villains of Verona). They’ve already managed to obtain the hype of a band with years under its belt. Playing their first show to a nearly packed house at the Metro in January, headlining Lincoln Hall in February, and already a tour under their belt going to and coming back from SXSW in Austin this past month.

Also gracing the Subterranean, after showcasing at SXSW, is Group of Altos, the afformentioned “Wisconsin’s finest”, more specifically from Milwaukee. They’ll be coming in full force with 12 members in their live entourage. They share a definite intensity with other instrumental groups like Pelican and Explosions in the Sky, but broaden the spectrum and heighten the senses with a boldness only their sheer velocity could allow. “There’s a tendency for even the best instrumental post-rock bands to fall back on certain patterns of loud/soft contrasts or build-ups and crescendos, but the Altos eschew those easy tropes. Their compositions flower in surprising way” –

Chicago based Young Sun is an opener more than worth being sure to arrive early. They have strong vocals and melodies at times reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, and a taste of their contemporaries like Grizzly Bear and even Radiohead. Their back after a temporary break announced in January, and plan to release their debut full length on Dedicated Records this spring. If their demos are any indication of future events then Young Sun has a very bright future.

Subterranean is located at 2011 West North Ave.  Doors for this 17+ show open at 5:30.  Tickets are $12 at the door, $10 in advance.

Betta Promotions was founded in 2007 by Rebecca Lopez. In the past two years Betta has curated shows at venues throughout Chicagoland including the Schubas, Metro, Lincoln Hall, Empty Bottle, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen and many others.

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