A Night With The Quin Twins, Tegan And Sara

Tegan and Sara
Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
March 26, 2010

Tegan and Sara Chicago 6

The twins Tegan and Sara Quin have been writing music together since the age of 15. Yet this is the first major time in their career when the two have collaborated and actually written together. Whereas most teenagers are lost in the turmoil that is young love and the pressures of growing up, Tegan and Sara were chronicling their teenage lives in their high school’s makeshift studio. Over the next few years, tender lyrics like, “Got time to wander to waste and to whine / But when it comes to you / It seems like I just can’t find the time” would form into the album that jump started their future career.

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Tegan and Sara Chicago 4

Tegan and Sara Chicago

It is often mentioned that Tegan and Sara break from the show to talk about their lives, giving us a brief personal and oftentimes humorous insight to their lives. “I mean, we’re playing this live, not lip-synching!” Tegan exclaimed. The Aragon’s sound is not the best and some conversation was lost during the show.

Tegan and Sara Chicago 2

“If you guys could help me sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our drummer, Johnny ‘Five’ Andrews. He’s turning 30 and we’re still 19!” Tegan joked before the packed crowd sang. You can see the video on their main page @ teganandsara.com.

Tegan and Sara Chicago 1

The sisters proved they were not going to disappoint at the sold out show by playing plenty of fan favorites. There were a surprisingly large number of the younger crowd here. Plenty of bras thrown on stage. The number of bras was directly proportional to the amount of hits Tegan and Sara played from their past.

Tegan and Sara Chicago 3

Their most recent album Sainthood has plenty of potential hits. This album is unique because this is the first time the two collaborated with one another. The majority of their songs have been written by either sister, yet this album was a definite co-cooperative effort. With more guitar that ever before. You can thank producer Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) for that!

Tegan and Sara Chicago 5

While the lyrics may not be charged with their previous teenage passions, the addition of a guitar-heavy sound drives their sound in a way they have rarely experimented with. They ended the night with another experiment in a lo-fi kind of way by playing a dreamy twist on their hit “Back Into Your Head.”

Tegan and Sara Chicago 12

Check out all the twin’s adventures at http://teganandsara.com!

Tegan and Sara Chicago 7

You could know: “Back Into Your Head” re-released in an album with 12 other edits and remixes by various artists.

Tegan and Sara Chicago 11

You should know: The playful “Alligator” from their recent album, Sainthood.

Tegan and Sara Chicago 8

Tegan Quin (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Tegan and Sara Chicago 15

Sara Quin (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Tegan and Sara Chicago 9

Tegan and Sara Chicago 16

Tegan and Sara Chicago 10

Tegan and Sara Chicago 13

Tegan and Sara Chicago 14

Written by: Blake Russell
Photographed by: Jennifer Boyer

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great pics! was an awesome show!

  2. jones says:

    They have not been “writing together” since they were 15. They were very private and wrote their songs individually until it came time to start writing for sainthood

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