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I got to snag an interview with Saves The Day while they were finishing up the New Found Glory 10 yr anniversary tour. Saves The Day has their upcoming seventh full-length album, Daybreak, making it’s debut this year. A release date is yet to be set. However I hear that the album is almost finished. The boys say Daybreak is the best yet and will melt your faces off! But you can read all about that after the jump!

How exciting has it been to tour with NFG for their 10yr anniversary?

Chris: It’s a gift to be able to tour together again after all these years and fans both old and new are coming out in droves to see the bands. New Found Glory are old friends of ours and the trip feels like a wonderful high school reunion. Both bands are lucky to still be making music and fortunate enough to have loyal fans who continually support our outings.

Rodrigo: The tour has been great. All the NFG guys are awesome, grounded humans; their crew is great and the other bands are great. We’ve made so many friends on this tour. It’s amazing and humbling to be a part of Saves The Day now and still have fans bugging out and singing along.

Spencer: Totally exciting! i’ve been an NFG fan for a long time. And them being some of the raddest people i’ve ever met makes it even better.

Arun: It’s been amazing, most fun I’ve ever had on tour. We’re talking about even doing more in the future.

How is life on the road?

Chris: This tour might be the most fun tour I’ve ever been on. Everyone in all the bands is down to Earth and making music for the right reasons, so it’s a joy to travel together. There are no rock stars on this tour, which is a relief in the post Myspace musical climate consisting of superstar driven bands who care more about their image than their music. I think we all needed a reminder that honest music still means something to the fans out there and we’re having a blast connecting with each other and the people coming out to the shows.

Rodrigo: Life on the road is grueling, occasionally smelly, always fun, rewarding, and filled with simple pleasures. I get to play music for people and travel? sign me up. I love to tour.

Spencer: There are always ups and downs, but the negative has certainly never outweighed the positive. thats what keeps us smiling.

Arun: For me, I love travelling and playing music.  I’m very fortunate to have a job where I get to do both.

What city(ies) do you enjoy playing the most?

Chris: Chicago is one of my favorite places to play, we’ve always had great shows there since the 90s. New York City is a trip cause the shows there go off in a major way and it feels surreal to play sold out shows with everyone singing along in the most legendary city on Earth. I’ve always loved the crazy weird vibe in San Francisco too, bugged out street life and crowds going bananas. Still waiting to play Barcelona though, that would be wild!

Rodrigo: I like playing cities with great vegetarian food. Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Austin… they all have their own flavor and i like to put my tongue on it.

Spencer: Hometown shows are always fun.. friends, family, etc. personally, I like different cities for different things. i.e. – NYC, I get to go shopping. atlanta, I get to see my family. Boston, the crowds go apeshit.

Arun: Hometown shows for any of us is always fun. I love playing Detroit, and getting to see friends and family. I feel that way also about Chicago. I’m excited about going overseas this coming year.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

Chris: I love to play guitar and sing first and foremost and I feel so blessed to play with Arun, Rodrigo and Spencer, they are incredible musicians who care a lot about being a part of Saves The Day. I also feel lucky to have such wonderul fans who continue to support our evolving musical direction and constantly come out to shows to share the love.

Rodrigo: I dance and writhe and bug out when i’m just LISTENING to music, so to play music and bug out and have people bugging out back at me? That’s the circle of life right there.

Spencer: I like to watch performers, no matter the style.. theater, dance, music. you really only get one shot to not fuck it up. yeah you tour and do the same show every night, but you can only convince the present crowd that you mean business once.

Arun: It’s a release. I’m able to express feelings through music, and live is just another way of doing that. Plus, I love playing guitar, so there is nothing quite like rocking out with amps cranked.

What are your favorite songs to perform?

Chris: I love playing “Where Are You?” from In Reverie and “Cars & Calories” from Stay What You Are. “Holly Hox”, “Forget Me Nots” has always been a blast ever since the 90s and “The End” and “Kaleidoscope” from the trilogy are raging rockers.

Rodrigo: My two favorites come from across the Saves The Day space-time spectrum: “Shoulder To The Wheel” and “Kaleidoscope”.

Spencer: In no particular order – “Firefly”, “Getaway”, “Bones”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Where are you”, “Holly Hox”

Arun: “Driving In The Dark”, “Freakish”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Dying Day”, “Get Fucked Up”, just to name a few.

What can you tell us about Daybreak?

Chris: Daybreak is the first optimistic album Saves The Day has ever made. There has always been a note of sadness and struggle in the lyrics and overall musical styles over the years, yet out of all the suffering and pain in this Life, we come to learn important lessons about ourselves and each other. Daybreak is both uplifting and reflective and the music is dreamy but heavy and poppy and fun at the same time. I can’t wait to take it out into the world and share the music.

Rodrigo: 2010 is the year we make contact.

Spencer: Best STD material to date. This record is going to melt faces.

Arun: It’s gonna melt faces and be worth the wait.

I actually got to see you in Chicago, what sites do you visit while in the Chi? Do you have a favorite bar/venue to playwhile in Chicago?

Chris: We always hit up the Chicago Diner when we roll through town, and this last time through we went bowling after the show around the corner from the House Of Blues and had a blast with New Found Glory and friends. I love playing the House Of Blues and I also love the Metro. I did an acoustic show at the Subterranean and that was a cool place too. Thanks Chicago for being so awesome!

Rodrigo: I live in Chicago, so the most exciting thing for me to see was the hidden parking garage underneath the House of Blues. i never knew it was there! As for favorite clubs, the House of Blues has a fantastic and hospitable crew. Schuba’s is an awesome place to play or see a show–it’s one of the best sounding rooms in Chicago. The Hideout also–the room has such an awesome vibe and great people running it.

Spencer: Angles and Kings is pretty cool. House of Blues is definitely my favorite venue.

Arun: I spend a lot of time in Chicago. It’s my favorite city to eat in. I’m a big fan of Chicago diner, Sultans, Irazu, Flying Saucer, Pick Me Up café, and probably a few others I can’t think of right now. I’ve always had a fun time playing the Metro and House Of Blues in Chicago, but I’ve also played great shows in the past at the Empty Bottle. I also like Schubas.

Who are you listening to right now?

Chris: We’ve been listening to Justice to get pumped before the shows on this tour and we’ve also been blasting some Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Pinkerton by Weezer has been on heavy rotation as well.

Rodrigo: Chris and our tour manager Emily trade horror stories. Bands? White Rabbits, Jorge Ben, and my dear friends from Chicago, Cameron McGill and What Army.

Spencer: At this moment, James Brown. in general, Jimmy Eat World, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Justice, Charlie Parker, Kanye West, The Mars Volta, Christian Scott, Girl Talk, etc

Arun: Right at the moment of typing this I’m listening to DEVO.

What has been the most difficult part of developing your music career?

Chris: The most challenging part for me has been learning how to deal with people’s negative opinions towards me and the music. I’m far too sensitive to be a frontman for a band but I love music so much I can’t stop even in the face of momentary rejection. At the end of the day, I’ve learned to focus on the gifts of this existence and make use of the difficulties as opportunities to grow and change. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rodrigo: Accepting the randomness of it all. Success happens to many bands without reason. Hard work and talent are just helpful in sustaining it. Chris has built a fanbase on his songs and hard work, and i’m stoked to help him take it to the top of the mountain.

Spencer: Patience. This shit doesn’t happen over night.

Arun: I think any time you pursue something artistic, you have to be prepared for the downfalls. I don’t feel like I choose to be a musician, I just am, and I do that for better or worse. I’m fortunate to have gone through the struggles that I have, cause it makes me appreciate what I have so much more now.

Biggest highlight of your music career so far?

Chris: The biggest highlight was playing a sold out Madison Square Garden with Green Day and Blink 182 on the Pop Disaster tour in 2002. What a strange trip! I grew up watching Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same concert movie almost every day when I was a kid, and the movie was filmed there at the Garden. It was also the site of the first concert I ever saw which was Aerosmith and Candlebox in 1993, so it was quite surreal to play the same stage as my heroes, and to share it with two legendary bands, Blink and Green Day, it was truly a dream come true.

Rodrigo: I’ve played in lots of bands over the last ten-plus years as a touring musician, i’ve been a part of making some records that i’m really proud of, but having Chris’s mom come to some shows and be thrilled at the lineup is definitely in my top five.

Spencer: Joining Saves The Day!

Arun: Everyday I wake up and get to play music with Chris, Rodrigo, and Spencer is a highlight.

If given the opportunity, what artist or band would you love to meet and interview?

Chris: I’d love to meet Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins and pick his brain about guitar and song writing. He was such a huge influence on me when I first started playing guitar and I think he’s an interesting person with a slightly different take on Life than your average pop star. Billy, you down?

Rodrigo: I would love to meet The Edge. He seems like a cool guy, and i’m a huge fan of his playing. I would love to talk to and trade clever insults with Morrissey.

Spencer: Andrew W.K.

Arun: Prince, I have many questions for him.

I just have one more general question only because at The Dead Hub there is always this argument on what’s better, PC or Mac? Zune or iPod? What do you guys prefer?

Chris: We are all Mac guys and cram our iPods full of as much weird music as we can possibly get our hangs on. The end.

Rodrigo: Mac–you don’t get viruses from surfing internet porn. Isn’t that what computers are for?

Spencer: I got a mac a few months ago after using pc’s forever. Wish I would have bought this sooner! Best purchases I’ve ever made include: 48ct package of snickers bars in canada for way cheaper than I’d have gotten in the us, a pillow top mattress, and a 13″ macbook pro. And the 3gs iphone!

Arun: I’m definitely a mac and iPod guy.

Even tho the NFG & STD are done touring for the reunion show you can still catch STD this Spring on:
April 22nd @ HMV Forum, London, UK
Groezrock 2010 w/ Hatebreed, Bad Religion, Sum 41, Pennwise, Lit, AFI and more!
April 23rd @ Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium
The Bamboozle 2010 w/ Paramore, Drake, Ke$ha, Angels and Airwaves, Hanson, the Maine and many more!
May 1st @ The Bamboozle Festival, Meadowlands, NJ

Daybreak Tracklisting:

  • I. Somehow You Love Me
  • II. Fucked Up Past the Point of Fixing
  • III. 8 AM
  • IV. Zig Zag
  • V. Daybreak
  • “Let It All Go”
  • “1984”
  • “E”
  • “Z”
  • “Deranged & Desparate”
  • “Chameleon”
  • “Living Without Love”
  • “U”
  • “O”
  • “Undress Me”
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