Miike Snow Knows Pop, Ignores Pop

Miike Snow
The Metro – Chicago, IL

Within months of the release of their debut self-titled album, Miike Snow has collected fans from all over the US and UK. I am 99% certain that anyone reading this article is familiar with their previous work. Most notably, their work co-writing and producing (as Bloodshy & Avant) the track “Toxic,” made famous by Britney Spears. Coincidentally, the single was Britney Spears’ one and only Grammy award win.

Yet, I am surprised at how far the Swedes from Miike Snow have come.

As Bloodshy & Avant, the duo was largely unknown and unaccredited. Yet they have turned out mega-hits from Christina Milian (“AM to PM”), Kylie Minogue (“Speakerphone,” “Nu-di-ty”) and even a few tracks on Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor album.

Can you freaking believe it?

Chicago-locals Light Pollution and Barcelona-based Deloreon opened for Miike Snow, but their sets could not compare to the time Miike Snow spent on the stage.

Miike Snow added a few more members to replicate the electronic sound made famous in their 2009 album Miike Snow. The band even added a few new interesting intros and bridges to the songs that made their set such a hit with the packed crowd. Thankfully, Miike Snow mostly stuck to their up-tempo works opting to keep the crowd pumped with hits like their first two single’s “Animal” and “Sylvia.” Miike Snow even featured a song or two that was previously unreleased, however they seemed far less polished than the rest of the set. Miike Snow literally did not stop playing until the touring band crept off the stage one by one leaving us wondering what was next.

And then the house lights came on.

That was the only real disappointment, the lack of an encore. Come on, Miike Snow! Even if the set was cut short to allow time for an encore, Chicago fans would not have booed before leaving The Metro 15 minutes after you left the stage. The crowd shuffled out and down into the streets after the venue’s early curfew began promptly at 10 PM, and the 21 and up crowd funneled into the (overpriced) Smart Bar to hear the Miike Snow DJ set bumping.

Miike Snow is still relatively new, yet high in demand. While their album may be marked in the electro-pop genre, their live sets abandon the pop sound for a fully loaded electronic sound, leaving their pop roots in the dust. Most definitely a show worth losing your hearing in the front row.

Miike Snow is touring through the US, stopping for Coachella, The Electric Beats Festival and Sasquatch! festivals, before finishing up their long awaited US tour at Terminal 5 in New York City. A full list of tour dates is available at http://www.miikesnow.co.uk/gb/live/

You could know:

The hit single “Animal” released on their 2009 album, Miike Snow

You should know:

From one of many remix albums, this remix by top producer Mark Ronson.

www.myspace.com/miikesnow – Free remixes available!!


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  1. Sinn says:

    Miike snow is an AWESOME BAND!! Loved the show! Best thing i have seen in a looooong time!
    They did do a BIG encore the night i was there at Metro.
    What night where you there? i heard they had some technical issues the first night.


  2. Oh yes, they put on a great show, but they didn’t let on they had tech problems. I was there the first night… unfortunately, I missed out on an interview and better show the next day!!

    Can’t wait for them to come back… if we get lucky!

    Thanks for the comment!

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