Oh My God, Charlie Darwin Album Review

The Low Anthem
Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
Nonesuch Records

Releasing their third album in June 2009, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, The Low Anthem continues to create pure folk with its gritty vocals and foot-stomping good tunes. Their sound has not changed much, keeping true to their unique style of recording and playing together. In my live review, the band played musical chairs (unknowingly) as they all played many of the same instruments littering the House of Blues stage.

The album does lose some drive as most tracks do not flow into one another- outside of “To The Ghosts Who Write History Books” followed by the gospel–like “Omgcd.” Brilliant. The track “Home I’ll Never Be” is one of the few tracks that has the drive almost necessary to make this album complete. If The Low Anthem had plugged other tracks into the Darwin album like the almost-too-melancholy “Ticket Taker,” it would certainly not be on repeat right now.

In their live sets, concert goers are able to see the variety of the instruments they use, many of which are featured in the song “Music Box,” an ethereal look into The Low Anthem’s layered music. The album is also a shining view into the bands live sets. Full of energy and pure passion for music making, The Low Anthem’s live sets are almost eerily similar to the Darwin album. There is no auto-tune or cross processing muddying the waters. Oh My God , Charlie Darwin is a brilliant reminder of what happens when a quartet of multi-instrumentalists get together and jam out.

The Low Anthem is currently on tour throughout the US, hitting up a few festivals across the sea in August and September. They are more than phenomenal live, featuring previously unreleased songs and covers out the wazoo. Also, they play a saw.

And something like that is meant to be seen!




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