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The Protomen share a new epic track “Light Up the Night,” and announce even more tour dates!

The Protomen are messengers delivering
the most vicious rock ‘n’ roll fable that the world has ever known.

“… so epic Mr. Roboto would blush …”
– Alternative Press
“The Protomen are unequivocally unique … positively inspired … unmitigated awesomeness …”

the protomen

Today we share a new track from Act II: The Father Of Death,
produced by Alan Shacklock (Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler, Roger Daltry).
Check out the grandeur of “Light Up the Night” HERE!

The Protomen need to be seen to be believed!
Check out the video for “Hope Rides Alone” HERE!

The music is epic.
It’s downright Homeric if Homer were a robot Meatloaf from the future.

Spring Tour Dates
Apr 15 – Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN
Apr 17 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
Apr 18 – 1982 – Gainesville, FL
Apr 19 – The Haven – Orlando, FL
Apr 21 – The Tank – Greenville, NC
Apr 22 – Blue Nile – Harrisonburg, VA
Apr 23 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
Apr 24 – The Red and Black – Washington, DC
Apr 28 – The Kyhber – Philadelphia, PA
Apr 29 – Santos Party House – New York, NY
Apr 30 – Punk Rock & Roll Club – Waltham, MA
May 3 – Mitzi’s Sister – Toronto, Canada
May 5 – The Whiskey – Annapolis, MD
May 6 – Charlottesville, VA
May 7 – The Nightlight – Chapel Hill, NC
May 8 – Asheville, NC

An introduction to The Protomen
Presumably you have things to do, so I’m going to get you up to speed on The Protomen in a hurry, so you can beat your deadline and make it to happy hour at Applebee’s.

Allow me to make a list:
The Protomen have distilled a thousand years of rock ‘n’ roll into a cocktail of rock ‘n’ roll awesome.
This cocktail is not available for two-for-one during the Applebee’s happy hour.
The Protomen are from Nashville, Tennessee.
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey is made in Tennessee.
TGI Friday’s uses a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey sauce on a lot of their dishes.
Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s are arch rivals.
Rivalry is a theme on both of The Protomen’s records.
The Protomen’s live show is a rock opera from the future about the good, the evil and the in-between. Their two records are not merely collections of the band’s songs. Perhaps they are best understood as original cast recordings of the songs from their hit musical.

The music is epic. It’s downright Homeric if Homer were a robot Meatloaf from the future. That’s Meatloaf the singer (who was also in David Fincher’s “Fight Club” and did a fine acting job, if I do say so myself), not the meatloaf sandwich available at Applebee’s for $7.99 with garlic smashed potatoes, which are delicious but hardly epic.

There is a story being told on these two records which is as epic as the music. Act I (2004) takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape as reflected in the the distorted, fuzzy and digital music. You can hear it in the sounds. It makes you feel things. It’s musicalness.

Act II: The Father of Death, released in 2009 to much acclaim, is a prequel, and as such is set in pre-apocalyptic times. Whereas Act I is the story of two robots, Act II is the story of two men. See how that’s different? You could write a term paper about that. If Act I was epic. Act II is downright Wagnerian. Just wait until you hear it. Oh, don’t wait. I’m excited for you to hear it for the first time. Might I suggest you keep a journal of your listening experience?

Man, I tell you what, this is where it gets real. Act II was produced by Alan Shacklock (Meatloaf, The Alarm, Bonnie Tyler, Babe Ruth, Roger Daltry) and The Protomen. Mastering was provided by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Traveling Wilburys).

Yeah, I’m dropping names. What of it? You’ll need those to jack up your word count, anyhow.

The Protomen have played the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, New York’s CMJ Marathon, Bamboozle Fest in NJ, The Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston, South By Southwest in Austin, and countless bars and venues across the country.

Press Loves The Protomen
The Protomen have emerged victorious as The Deli Magazine Nashville’s 2008 Artist of the Year! Their mind blowing rock opera style has continued to amaze Nashville locals and they don’t show signs of stopping any time soon.”
– The Deli Magazine
“… so incredibly high concept that it should collapse: Mega Man as viewed through the lens of Rock Americana? How could they possibly have succeeded in this? And, having succeeded, what task could possibly thwart them?”
– Penny Arcade
“Equal parts fury and [equal parts] machine.'”
– Mix Mag
“Fists were pumped with irrepressible fervor as the band’s six core members (painted in silver) bombarded their adoring public with layer upon layer of guitars and synths … their repertoire [consisting] entirely of a fully realized arena-ready rock opera”
– Nashville Scene
“When it comes to Nashville acts earning national attention, robot-rock crew The Protomen are in a different league entirely.”
– The Tennessean
“[The Protomen take] listeners through a conceptual musical story similar in structure to The Who’s Tommy or Green Day’s American Idiot.”
– Nintendo Power
“We knew The Protomen were hot … but who knew they intended to save not just rock, but ultimately mankind.”
– Nashville Scene

Who are the Protomen?!
Commander – Synthesizer
Panther – Vocals / Synthesizer
Murphy – Bass Synthesizer
The Gunslinger – Guitar
Sir Robert Bakker – Guitar
The Reanimator – Drums
K.I.L.R.O.Y. – ???
Turbo Lover – Vocals
Nightwalker – Choir / Trumpet
The Gambler – Human Choir

2010 – No Retreat, No Surrender.

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