Warm Brother Leaves Listener Cold

Digital Leather
Warm Brother

Digital Leather’s self-released Warm Brother is as confusing as their name. They veer clumsily through genres with only the most elusive thread tying them all together. While their energy is undeniable – their focus is anything but.

The opening “Crown” is one minute of sonic oatmeal; bland and tasteless. There is no apparent reason for it except maybe to set the tone. Perhaps Digital Leather sees the irony is using a toneless drone to set the tone.

On first listen, the listener is drawn in by the pastiche of sounds that cascade out of the speakers.

What little variation there is, just kind of falls face first into a parody of 1980s radio pop. “Kisses” includes the requisite synthesizer fills between repetitive verses. There are guitars fills in the early bars of this song feature an out-of-tune guitar. This could not have been planned dissonance or a unique tuning. This was simply a guitar that was not in tune.

The lyrics – when not repetitive to the point of pain – were a jumble of forced rhymes and every cliché a fourteen-year old girl would put in her diary. The grace of this dirty dozen of fractured pop tunes is that in most cases it is so poorly produced that you have to work hard to pick the lyrics out anyway.

Warm Brother is not the worst record I have ever heard, but there is just nothing compelling about it. There is no aural peg to hang my ear on. I hardly feel warm – or like a brother to Digital Leather.

Stand out tune
“Your Hand, My Glove”

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