A Rocket To The Moon Barely Lands In Chicago

A Rocket to the Moon
House of Blues – Chicago, IL

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A breathless, harried A Rocket To The Moon took the stage at Chicago’s House of Blues and looked relieved. Turns out it was rough getting there, the band went through four vans and this was only the second stop on the tour! But they made it, that’s what counts, right?

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When doing my pre-show research I learned A Rocket To The Moon is a Fueled By Ramen band. Upon reading that, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect musically. I was right on. Think Fall Out Boy or Early November or Cute Is What We Aim For, but without the guitar riffs. ARTTM is definitely on the bubblegum side of the pop-punk spectrum. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for the old ladies like me, I like my pop-punk to have a more rockin’ punk feel.

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ARTTM performed songs of their debut album On Your Side and their set was okay. Considering the circumstances that led up to the show, I think they did a great job. There seemed to be a handful of diehards chanting along to the songs in the crowd, but the overall response was just okay. There wasn’t much movement or dancing in the crowd.

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I’ve seen Motion City Soundtrack many, many times, so I expected openers that would really get me pumped. ARTTM didn’t quite live up to that task. However, if you’re 16 – 20 and enjoy pop-punk/emo, you’d probably really enjoy A Rocket To The Moon. I am not in this demographic and I’ve listened to their album a few times since the show. Unfortunately, I still don’t feel any connection to their music. I’ve tried!

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If you’d like to give A Rocket To The Moon a chance, you can catch them now on tour opening for Motion City Soundtrack and they will soon be opening up for Mayday Parade: http://www.arockettothemoon.net/

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