Everything Is Alright Whenever Motion City Soundtrack Comes To Chicago!

Motion City Soundtrack
House Of Blues – Chicago, IL


Okay, let me gush like a total fan kid. I LOVE Motion City Soundtrack. A lot. Like a lot, a lot. Their in my personal top 5 bands of ALL TIME. This was either my tenth or twelfth time seeing MCS live, there have been so many times I lost count. They consistently put on a high energy, fun show. I’ve never left a MCS show feeling lukewarm, I’ve always been left wanting more. This show was a perfect example of that, even if the crowd was kinda lame.

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After recently opening for Weezer on their last tour; Justin Pierre, Josh Cain, Jesse Johnson, Matthew Taylor and Tony Thaxton are back headlining their own tour in support of their new album My Dinosaur Life. Although the band has “matured” they haven’t abandoned what makes them unique. If anything, they’ve only become more awesome over the years. They’ve defined their own sound which is perfectly pop-punk with an indie pop twist.


I last saw the band during the sold out (what I’ve dubbed) MotionCityPalooza in Chicago. They played all three previous releases (I Am The Movie, Commit This To Memory and Even If It Kills Me) in their entirety three sold-out nights in a row. At that time we were only treated to a couple songs from MDL, I couldn’t wait to see them perform more songs from the new album.


MCS rocked Chicago’s House Of Blues, per usual. They bring so much quirky, fun energy to the stage. Although I have to say that the crowd left something to be desired. Maybe I was spoiled and amongst other fanatics when I last saw the band? The crowd at this show was definitely in to the band, there’s no denying that, but it seemed they were more concerned about snapping camera phone pictures and tweeting than jamming out. I’ve never seen so many poor body surfers dropped. Sigh, technology.


One of my favorite things about Motion City Soundtrack is that they always perform an excellent balance of songs from every album. This tour was obviously geared towards their new release, but they were sure to include all the jams from previous albums. Check out the rockin’ set list:

Attractive Today
The Future Freaks Me Out
My Favorite Accident
Broken Heart
This Is For Real
When You’re Around
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
Last Night
Mary Without Sound
Worker Bee
Pulp Fiction
Even If It Kills Me
Her Words Destroyed My Planet
L.G. Fuad

Everything Is Alright


The show began with high energy as they opened with “Attractive Today” and then immediately busted our their biggest hit “The Future Freaks Me Out”. It took every ounce of restraint to not throw down my camera and just start dancing during this song. The crowd agreed with this sentiment and danced their asses off. The floor felt like a trampoline. I was bounced around as the kids hopped, jumped and danced around to everyone’s favorite MCS song.


Motion City played their hearts out through the rest of the set. I was very happy to see the excellent response to the new material. I was extremely excited to see the new songs performed live and, as expected, they were even better than the recordings.


If you’re a long time fan, like myself, you must check out MCS on their current tour. If you’re an old fan and haven’t given them a listen recently, what are you waiting for?!?!? Motion City Soundtrack is in excellent form with their newest release, you need to check them out immediately!















You can find MCS on tour now and this summer on the Warped Tour. Be sure to pick up their newest album My Dinosaur Life whether you’re a new fan or an old one. You won’t be disappointed!

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