The Low Anthem’s First Ever Headlining Tour!

The Low Anthem
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

The Low Anthem just started their first headlining tour on March 11th in Pittsburg. Hopefully you will get a chance to see the foursome play before the release of an upcoming album- rumored to be a live album! The Low Anthem’s recent full length album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, was recorded at their new studio located inside an old, abandoned pasta sauce factory (that they pretend is haunted.) I guess March was a big month for The Low Anthem, because they released a 7” vinyl simply titled after the single, ”Charlie Darwin.” The vinyl features several live tracks as B-sides including “Sally Where’d You Get Your Liquor From” and “Don’t let Nobody Turn You Around” which were previously unreleased. The Low Anthem also got a chance to show off at SXSW!

This is the second time I have seen The Low Anthem. The first was when they were opening for The Avett Brothers, and I still have the same complaint. While I definitely enjoy their music, I find it hard to attend a concert at night and stay awake when I’m listening to their soft folk music. The dream-like qualities of the crotales and singing saw drifted me away into a created dream world. While the crowd was extremely ecstatic with foot-stompin’ tunes like “Home I’ll Never Be,” the majority of the dimly lit show were the down tempo tunes made famous in Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.

Yes, The Low Anthem played a great, great show. Yes, they still played some of their live hits like “Sally Where’d You Get Your Liquor From” and “This God Damn House.” Yet as the night went on I grew more and more tired. Maybe it was because their set has not really changed since I saw them last. Maybe I’m still a little peeved they didn’t change their name to “Quartet of Awesome.” Maybe they don’t have enough material to represent their favorited up-tempo songs. Anyway, I was ready for bed after this show. The dreamy melodies of “Music Box” played in my head as I went to bed that night. No lie.

The Low Anthem reaches the finale of their headlining tour in September, where they play the End of the Road Festival in the UK. Unfortunately, there are no upcoming dates where the quartet plays near the Midwest. I’m hoping they crank out an album- or at least an EP- to give interested fans (read: me) a little more than the somber, reflective folk music to listen to before bedtime.

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