Jordan Galland and his Search Party

Jordan Galland
Search Party
Release Date: 4/20/2010
Label: Slush Puppy Music

jordan galland search party

Jordan Galland’s Search Party drops April 20th and this isn’t the first piece of work that Jordan Galland has penned. He’s worked with the likes of Mark Ronson on the movie soundtrack for 21, Daniel Merriweather on Love & War, and a notable collaboration with Sean Lennon on Friendly Fire, and the Undead Soundtrack, off Sean’s label, Chimera Music.

The more I read of Jordan the crazier his life seems. Wikipedia noted him as a fashion model, cartoonist, an award winning filmmaker, and a musician. One would fall short calling Jordan Galland a creative man. A man that sees no boundaries would be more like it.

Search Party is the first Jordan Galland related album I’ve had my hands on. He previously was in the band Dopo Yume who you may have seen on tour with Rufus Wainwright, Cibo Matto, Lilly Allen, and Phantom Planet.

Search Party played several times in my car before I could really get into it. It took so long because I was trying to figure out who Jordan was reminding me of, and I finally figured it out as I was driving through Arizona. His voice is reminiscent of English Goth Rocker, Peter Murphy. The biggest disguising factor between the two is the horns Jordan incorporates into his music. Jordan’s Search Party makes me think of lounge singers and women sitting on piano smoking cigarettes while Peter Murphy paints a darker picture with more accent on the piano.

I’d love to tell you the best track off Search Party is “Search Party”, but I am more partial to “Free Love.” It had my ears singing with delight. “Free Love” has a lighter sound with bells and a xylophone carrying the tone. Plus it really doesn’t hurt that the chorus is just catchy.

The first track off the album, “Your New Best Friend” might as well be in a David Bowie movie. While the title track “Search Party” takes me back to the roaring 20’s and 30’s with lounge singers and smoke with a bit of the “big band” feeling. Listening to the entire album makes me feel like I am watching a movie. I can picture each song as a scene in some kind of musical type movie.

Search Party is the musical soirée of flugelhorns, trumpets, bass, and piano. It did take a few spins in the player to grab me, but I would still recommend it for my indie music loving friends.

Tracks I highly recommend: “Free Love”/ “The Coolest Boy on Earth”/ “Your New Best Friend”

More on Jordan Galland:
Pre-order Search Party Here.
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Jordan Galland on MySpace (hear his music)

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