Radio Radio’s Belmundo Regal: Happy Hip Hop Heroes

Radio Radio
Belmundo Regal

radio radio belmundo regal

The world of urban music has gone through a lot of transitions since the days when Ice-T was a cop killah and Ice Cube was having a good day. Some of the changes have been positive (Still on about Dessa Darling). Some have been – well – less than positive (Justin Bieber anyone?).

When the doors to the urban music scene opened a wide variety of artists poured in and tried to stake their claim. Some have been successful despite their lack of talent (you know who you are) and some who deserve wider audience may never get it – it is tough to explain this conundrum. It just is what it is.

Radio Radio is one group that deserves to be heard on an international level. Their pastiche of French and English wrap is dizzying. It is a welcome change from the same old same old that much of American hip hop has become. Their mischievous gypsy vibe is an added texture that informs their whole overall impact on the listener.

On first listen – I had no love for “Belmundo Regal”. It felt all over the place. The multilingual element seemed a clever ruse – rather than an honest performance. It seemed like an uneven collage of noise that was more irritating than inviting.

There seemed to be nothing on this sonic dozen that would compel a second visit. In all fairness, a second visit is required to give a fair assessment of the music and as it unfolded for me I realized the hook was under the music – the thing about Radio Radio that compels a listen is their use of humor and intelligence which underscores everything they do.

By the sixth listen I was singing along – phonetically on the French parts – but my enthusiasm for this record continues to grow. The Canadian trio has found a way to create their own community revolving around three elements we can all identify with; music, art, and food.

While Ice-T is reduced to playing a cop on TV and Ice Cube is producing B-movies with little kids who are smarter than him, Radio Radio should restore your faith in hip hop music.

Stand out tracks
“She Makes More Money than Me”
“Kenny G. Non-Stop”

Radio Radio Tour Dates:
Apr 23 2010     7:30P      SCÈNE FAIS DO DO LaFayette, Louisiana
Apr 24 2010      6:15P      SCÈNE LAFAYETTE LaFayette, Louisiana
Apr 25 2010      9:00P       BLUE MOON SALOON LaFayette
May 13 2010     10:00P       CAFÉ DU CLOCHER Alma, Québec
May 14 2010     10:00P      BUNKER Chicoutimi, Québec
May 15 2010     10:00P      VOX POPULI Dolbeau, Québec
May 20 2010     8:30P       BOX OFFICE DRUMMONDVILLE, Québec
May 22 2010      12:00A      Métric St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
Jul 31 2010         9:00P       TWISTED PINES STAGE PENETANGUISHENE, Ontario

Find more on Radio Radio at:
Official Website

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