Aeroplane’s First Show in Chicago!

Smart Bar – Chicago, IL

Aeroplane smart bar chicagoUsually I rag on Smart Bar, but something was different this Wednesday night.

Spring was in the air? No, that couldn’t be it.
Smart Bar had $5 vodka and Jack Daniel’s specials? No dice.

Oh yeah, the fantastic DJ duo Aeroplane was spinning pretty much the whole night. From about 11 PM on, the Belgium duo spent most of the night playing anything from old school Grace Jones to tracks not even the hippest hipster has heard. The best news I heard the entire night was that this was Aeroplane’s first trip to Chicago… EVER! So the night owls who stayed out until closing got a mega dose of what Aeroplane is playing at Coachella this year. Aeroplane was more than stoked to test out the best of their Italo-disco before dishing it out at the most major festival of the West.

Free tracks galore after the jump…

Aeroplane smart bar chicagoMore than once have I mentioned that April and May are IT for amazing concerts in Chicago. I cannot count the number of fantastic singer-songwriters, bands and DJs who have played through Chicago in April, gearing up for the many upcoming festivals like Coachella, Bonaroo and even Lollapalooza or Pitchfork. I mean, Thom Yorke (of Radiohead… Do I really need to mention this) played less than a dozen shows this month – two here in Chicago- with his new Atoms For Peace side project. Yorke’s local shows were less than a week away from their headlining gig at Coachella.

But, I digress. Aeroplane decided Chicago was their ONLY stop before playing Coachella this weekend. Their premier was a show you did not want to miss. The crowd’s energy for their nu-wave disco kept them there until Smart Bar was forcing the crowd to leave. Aeroplane could have played until the end of the NEXT day, and there would still be people there moving and grooving, myself included.

Last summer I really got into the electronic scene last year thanks to my roommate at the time who was a DJ. (Hi, Tom!) Anywho, I remembered hearing a few Aeroplane tracks, but at the time couldn’t find tracks for me to download and play on the go.

Not a problem anymore! Every once in a while, Aeroplane used to release a short mix that they’ve been working on, streamlining the best of disco with the best underground hits of today. I guess they had a New Year’s resolution to release a better mix every month, because that is exactly what they have been doing. Although we’re still (eagerly) awaiting a new mix in April, the Belgians have released hot mix after hot mix since September of last year. Each 45-minute mix growing exponentially in their skills to bind genres you never though imaginable (like Shychild leading into a Yeasayer song in March’s 2010 Mix).

aeroplane coverAeroplane is easily sending me back into an electronic phase with all the disco hits spinning. With a discography as long as their Myspace page (check it)… you know there’s a hidden gem of a track somewhere in there for you! (Free downloads of all their mega mixes)

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