M.I.A. New Track “Born Free” Leaked!

M.I.A Born FreeOne of the coolest Serbians in the world introduced me to M.I.A. soon after her Billboard chart topping album Kala was released. I have been hooked ever since that night of drunken revelry. After the overexposure of “Paper Planes” to mainstream T.V. and radio hit (years after its initial release), I decided to keep my distance with respect. M.I.A. is an artist that you cannot just forget about, nor did I want to dislike her music. Let’s face it, I was tired of hearing “Paper Planes” on every radio station and ring tone!

However, M.I.A. continued to prove her capabilities to stay afloat in the music industry without relying on that one single to give her buoyancy. After working a bit with the award-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire, and spending some time to raise her newborn son (10 points if you know his name), M.I.A. unveiled her own record label (N.E.E.T.). The new label already houses four amazing artists: Sleigh Bell, Blaqstarr, Rye Rye and the recently signed Jamie Martinez.

Even though I refuse to get a Twitter, I will admit to “stalking” M.I.A. since she (quietly) leaked a new track a while back (“There’s Space For Ol Dat I See”). While the mini music video looked like it was shot from a Macbook, the song was an exciting foreshadowing of an upcoming album. While the release may still be completely unannounced or expected this year, fans are getting pumped to hear a sound unlike anything they heard before.

M.I.AAnother track was leaked unofficially (read: not by M.I.A). The track is cleverly titled “Born Free.” It is truly a new insight into what M.I.A. has been up to in the studio. With plenty of drive, the new single sounds more like a rebellious anthem in the style of The White Stripes or Arcade Fire. Definitely not a bad thing coming from M.I.A. combined with DJs like A-Trak, Diplo or Switch. I should probably cave and get a Twitter account to follow M.I.A. easier and keep up as more releases are (eventually) leaked.

If you have a heart condition, please ask your doctor if you can listen to this new hit. Otherwise, enjoy!

“Born Free” – M.I.A.


(M.I.A.’s son is named Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman)

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