Say Anything: Quirky, Intriguing, And Very Nice

Say Anything
Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
April 24, 2010

Say Anything took the stage last Saturday night at Chicago’s historic Aragon Ballroom with an explosion of energy. The band came into view positioned in a straight line across the front of the stage, which in turn made the audience feel a close, intimate connection with the guys even though there was near 5,000 people in the space. The artist-to-fan bond was captured throughout the entire performance as the five guys playing instruments remained in a row while Say Anything frontman Max Bemis frolicked and pranced around the stage hardly ever remaining still. The transfixed crowd effortlessly waved their hands and moved their heads in time with the music as if hanging out at a rock concert is the most natural thing in the world.

More photos of Say Anything and the set list after the jump…

Say Anything Aragon Chicago

Set List / Chicago

Hate Everyone

Shiksa (Girlfriend)

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

No Soul


Mara And Me

Do Better

Every Man Has A Molly


Alive With The Glory Of Love

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 2

Say Anything has been on the punk/pop/rock music scene since 2000 before getting signed to Doghouse Records in 2003. Back in 2004, the band’s debut album …Is a Real Boy hit stores everywhere. Say Anything’s second musical effort In Defense Of The Genre (J Records) was the album that catapulted the group’s budding music career. Since 2005, they have built a cult following, allowing the boys to break into the mainstream music scene. The band’s new self-titled album Say Anything (RCA Records) was released in November 2009. Say Anything’s latest record features lead single “Hate Everyone,” which is eerily reminiscent of The Clash’s “I Fought The Law.” Take a listen to the two and let me know what you think…

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 8

The set list was comprised of songs from the sextet’s three full-length studio records. Making sure to incorporate all of the fan favorites, the guys performed such hits as “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too,” “Do Better,” and “Alive With The Glory Of Life.” As a band driven by strong lyrics (written by mastermind Max Bemis), the venue’s sound issues were frustrating to say the least. It was difficult to decipher what lead singer Bemis was saying more than half the time. Though the show’s sound quality could have been better, Say Anything made up for it with their overall energetic and entertaining spectacle of a performance. Even though we couldn’t hear a word Bemis was singing, he sure was interesting to watch.

Their quirky persona as a six-piece band with uncanny familial physical similarities (they could totally pass as brothers) makes Say Anything lovable and commanding on stage. It is what sets them apart from other bands and gives fans an association and sense of belonging. Adding to their charming good looks and likability, the boys were adorned in matching outfits consisting of short-sleeved white button-up shirts and black pants to be exact. Bemis and Co. resembled innocent schoolboys who simply wanted to jam out, playfully banging their heads around as they rocked out on their guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums.

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 11

Say Anything was a fantastic beginning to an epic rock show. The guys pulled in the crowd, eventually leaving fans feeling appropriately “alive with the glory of life.” Because Max Bemis thinks we are “very nice” here in Chicago, I am sure the band will be back to entertain us as soon as their touring schedule allows!

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 3

Say Anything is made up of lead singer and songwriter wunderkind Max Bemis, drummer/vocalist Coby Linder, bassist Alex Kent, guitarist/vocalist Jake Turner, guitarist/vocalist Jeff Turner, and keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Parker Case.

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 9

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 4

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 7

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 6

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 10

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 18

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 12

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 17

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 13

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 14

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 15

Say Anything Aragon Chicago 16

Written by: Kate Jacobsen
Photographed by: Jennifer Boyer

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