A Remarkably Talented Band Who Needs To Be Heard

Rally For One
Elbo Room – Chicago, IL
April 2, 2010


Playing their fourth show in Chicago at the Elbo Room this past April 2nd, it was once again the perfect setting for a Rally For One show. The intimate atmosphere of the basement space prepared the audience for the laid-back, fun-loving personality of the band.

Read the full live review from the Rally For One concert and see the set list after the jump…


With all four members hailing from different states in the U.S., California is where Rally For One eventually came together. The guys met while performing in a traveling performing arts group called Young Americans. The band is comprised of Brett Maline (vocals/lead guitar), Blake O’Brien (vocals/rhythm guitar), Marty Sage (vocals/bass guitar), and John Humphries (vocals/drums).


After cutting their first studio album, Dreamin’, the band began touring nationally to start building a loyal fan base. With success and demand, Rally For One released the follow-up record Four Sides to Everything in 2009. The band is currently promoting their sophomore effort and stopped through Chicago earlier this month while on tour to play both old and new tunes.


Rally For One includes a quartet of talented musicians who all have an innate ability to play instruments and play them well, sing lead locals perfectly on pitch for any given song, and write and arrange their own music and lyrics. These factors combined gave the night’s attendees an episode of enjoyment that is not experienced frequently in the live music scene anymore these days. With four distinct voices that have the capacity to function without the assistance of the omnipresent Auto-Tune, Rally For One miraculously fuses their gifts and skills together to create a well-defined alternative/pop/rock sound backed up by tight, harmonic vocals.


One minute the crowd was swaying to the music, the next they were bobbin’ their heads. With a positive message in each tune, the audience was soothed, yet found themselves singing along to the catchy lyrics and melodies presented to them that evening.


Rally For One gets better and better each time they perform, as they should. After all, practice makes perfect. A highlight of the show was undeniably the group’s rendition of the Jackson 5 classic “I Want You Back.” The cover got everyone to their feet and out on the dance floor. By the end of the night, the audience was left questioning themselves as to why Rally For One has yet to make it into the major league of mainstream music. Wondering why a band you just heard isn’t famous and being played on the radio yet? That is a true testimony to the magnitude of their music and power of their live performance.


Rally For One is currently taking a short hiatus from touring to focus on defining their sound, as well as attempt to get signed by a record label. Sadly, the boys will not be back in town for awhile. Check out the new album Four Sides To Everything on iTunes and preview any and all Rally For One songs. Be sure to come out to their next gig in Chicago so you too, can “Bob Ya’ Head” with the wholesome normal guys who just so happen to have a knack for writing superbly simple, yet ridiculously catchy songs that grab your attention like a Max Martin track on the radio.


Set List / Chicago
So You Say
Without You
As Fast As I Can
Come Back Down
Front Porch
Hard To Say
(Sister Hazel cover)
Moves So Slow
Lemon Water
Hold On
I Want You Back
(Jackson 5 cover)
Bob Ya’ Head


Like Barenaked Ladies, Train, Sister Hazel, or the Goo Goo Dolls? Then you might find yourself a fan of Rally For One.

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