Rally For One’s Brett Maline Pushing Band To The Top


It all started back in 2006 with four friends who shared the same passion: music. The boys got together, began writing and playing music, and Rally For One took off from there. They never had the intention of trying to make a living off of their music, but recorded some demos in a garage and began booking local shows for fun. It was not until rhythm guitarist Blake O’Brien and lead guitarist Brett Maline met a producer while working at a restaurant that the two realized their music could be more than something “just for fun.” The band headed straight into the recording studio and cut their debut album Dreamin’.

With an album to promote and market, Rally For One booked their first national tour. Three more national tours followed, as well as sophomore full-length record Four Sides To Everything. Music comes naturally to each member, with everybody able to play an instrument, take over lead vocal duties, and intricately harmonize with one another a la Coldplay. Rally For One is comprised of: Brett Maline (lead guitar), Blake O’Brien (rhythm guitar), Marty Sage (bass), and John Humphries (drums).

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How would you describe your sound to unfamiliar fans?

Our sound is very melody driven. We want people to be able to sing along to music that is relatable to them. The kind of band that we want to be is to have a 60-year-old and a 16-year-old standing together in the front row, both singing along and dancing to our music. If classified into a genre, Rally For One would be considered alternative pop rock.


As a band, what do you need right now to propel your career forward?

We need one of two things: either to be booked by an agency or signed by a record label. If we could be paired with the right band and put in front of a lot of people, that would really help leverage our band. We have such a different sound and have been getting good feedback on our live sound. Either of those two things would really help us.


Which other bands would you compare your sound to and why?

We relate to Relient K in that we are not afraid to write an uplifting song. Even though we have songs that are about heartbreak, we always try to encourage the listener by showing them the lighter side of a situation. We like to write songs that make people feel good.


Is it hard to distinguish yourselves from other bands trying to make it? What does Rally For One possess that sets it apart from other groups?

I think that we are different from other bands that we have played with because all four members of our group sing lead vocals.


What has been the hardest part about starting a band?

It has been hard for us to be placed with a record label because we have four lead singers. Producers want something that fans can easily recognize. We are so different that record labels hesitate to take a chance because they don’t know if it will sell. In the music industry, you need marketability. To have everything regarding your band be recognizable. From the name to the logo to musical consistency. We are learning that if you want to make a living with music, it’s give and take.


Looking back now, is there anything you would have done differently, or any mistakes that you made along the way that you wish you could go back and change?

I wish we would have known about a certificate of sponsorship when going to England on our mini UK tour. To make a long story short, we were supposed to spend three weeks in the UK. We had already sold 300 tickets to our first show. Unfortunately, when we arrived we didn’t have the proper paperwork and were sent straight back to Los Angeles. In that situation, when traveling to other countries to play music we learned that we needed the proper preparation in order to work as professional musicians even though we were a no-name band [in that country]. Everything has happened for a reason, though.


What have you learned throughout the entire process of forming Rally For One and attempting to make it your career?

I learned that if you want something to happen, you have to put yourself out there. You have to be open, and to be as nice as you can to everyone.


Are there any funny stories from past tours that you want to share that would capture the essence of Rally For One?

Even though we grew up in other areas of the United States, we now all live in Southern California and were not ready for the cold weather and snow on our 2010 winter/spring tour. We were in Salt Lake City and it had been snowing all day. After our show, we were driving back to our friend’s house where we were staying. Our tour van doesn’t have four-wheel drive, and we were driving up a hill. Needless to say, we got stuck in the snow. It was 2:00am, and we had consumed a couple of drinks each. We decided to push the van up the hill. To anyone watching, we had to look so funny: three skinny guys trying to push a van up the hill without coats in the snow. Marty was wearing Converse All-Stars, slipped and fell flat on his face. We could not stop laughing. We did finally make it up the hill after 15 minutes of pushing.


Though funny, this story could not be more pertinent when it comes to these four guys. They have the perseverance to keep pushing through until they reach the top, having fun and laughing along the way. “I am very driven and want to be successful. I want to get rich and give it all away. I believe in our music very much,” said Brett concluding our conversation. Please check out Rally For One on iTunes, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and their official website.

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