Amos Lee, Soul Revisited

Amos Lee
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

Amos LeeAmos Lee makes creating music look easy. Lee’s approach is so naturalistic I thought that I could pick up a guitar and just start playing. While it did not really work out for me, Amos Lee presented a performance filled with the best of his folk, a bit of his funk with a few sultry cover songs mingled in-between. Throughout his EPs and full length records, Lee’s sound changes from anything to slow progressive rock to thoughtful alternative folk. His wide range of music can be attributed to his life experiences which he draws from in his honest lyrics.

Lee mentioned to his young and old fans that in a few weeks the singer-songwriter would be returning to the studio to start recording his fourth full length album. While there is no title yet for the upcoming record, Lee provided many new songs from the future release expected this fall. This tour, the “Supply & Demand” tour, is in support of his 2006 album even though he has released another full length album (Last Days At the Lodge) since.

Amos LeeAmos Lee started out the massive show by playing with his band mates (whose names I did not catch). The trio rocked out some of Lee’s younger hits from his debut album and beyond. After a bit of his solo set, Amos donned his best Marvin Gaye impression and introduced “Angel”, the suit clad manifestation of low-down dirty soul with a falsetto voice to match.

“To those of you who brought someone with you tonight… If you don’t know about them yet, now would be the time to know.”

The exchange was a humorous break in between Lee’s down tempo solo set lasting from one of his first singles, “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight” to his most recent and sexiest Last Days At The Lodge single, “Won’t Let Me Go.” Lee even introduced one of his newest acoustic songs, “Flower,” set to be released on his next album.
Amos LeeAmos Lee recounted stories and memories of past tours throughout the lengthy set. One in particular was of his song “Street Corner Preacher” which was originally written by the songwriter with a thought and a steady stomp. The honest words of “Seen It All Before” captured the audience’s hearts with an emotional sincerity that cannot be bought or borrowed. Lee’s world worn thoughts are propelled by a youthful spirit creating a timeless folk alternative.

Here’s the set list:

“Supply and Demand”
“Bottom of the Barrel”
“Across the Ocean”
“El Camino”
“Keep It loose, Keep It Tight”
“Black River”
“Street Corner Preacher”
“Won’t Let Me Go”
“Sweet Pea”
“Seen It All Before”
“Night Train”
“The Wind”
“Fat Bottom Girls” (Queen Cover)
“Arms Of A Woman”
“Learned A Lot”

As you can see, Amos Lee played through more than enough of his three albums, playing at least half a dozen new songs and one out of the ordinary Boys II Men cover. As soulful as he is thoughtful, Lee gratefully announced he would be signing his merchandise until Lincoln Hall kicked him out. Expect a lot more coverage as his upcoming singles are released.
Amos Lee

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  1. Bridget says:

    I just saw him the other night in Delaware. WOW! He really is a talent worth traveling for.

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