This is a Bear Chicagoans Can Love

Minus the Bear
Dangerbird Records
Release Date
May 4, 2010

OMNI, a collection of musically intricate songs that wind their way around the sonic landscape and bring the listener on a colorful musical journey.

The quintet’s bright, light-hearted music belies the Seattle stereotype that – while it continues to evolve – is still often associated with darker, simpler music. The disc opens with “My Time” a buoyant little number that features interesting flavors courtesy of Alex Rose’s keyboards. He knows when to reign it in and when to offer up just the right amount of splash.

There is not a weak link on this disc, but there is a hero. Joe Chiccarelli produced and mixed OMNI with a deft hand and a highly focused ear. When five musician come together to create something this intricate – the mixing becomes a puzzle that has to be perfectly nuanced. Chiccarelli handles the task with (seemingly) effortless aplomb.

Stamping your music with their own individual DNA is a must for bands who want to stand out these days. Many bands take something they have heard on the radio and end up regurgitating it and calling it new.

Not so with MTB. There are hints of influences throughout – but this is the 21st century. There will be hints of influence in just about every band creating music these days. It seems that two of the biggest influences are Alan Parsons Project and Freedy Johnson. Ironically these are relatively untapped influences in popular music today.

OMNI is set to be the disc that puts MTB into the ears and mouths of fans who are looking for something new that is seriously focused yet somehow still a bit jocular at the same time. Legions of new fans will find them selves scouring MTB’s catalog to see what else is out there.

Stand Out Tracks

My Time
The Thief

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