2AM Club Gives Chicago Something To Talk About

2AM Club
V Live – Chicago, IL
April 25, 2010


As 2AM Club took the stage at V Live in Chicago’s hipster neighborhood Wicker Park last Sunday night, it was up in the air how fans would perceive this up-and-coming band. After all, most of the crowd was there anxiously awaiting Mike Posner’s performance and had never heard of opening act 2AM Club. The six-piece band signed to RCA Records one year ago and has been hard at work in the studio recording and producing their debut album What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? With a release date slated for July 27th, 2AM Club is currently promoting the record and first single “Worry About You,” which can be downloaded on iTunes now. Most of the guys in 2AM Club hail from California, but all are now living in New York City. Touring with Mike Posner has proven to be a sufficient way for the boys to build their fan base here in the Midwest.

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The sextet that is 2AM Club consists of Marc Griffin (lead vocals), Tyler Cordy (emcee), Matt Raegan (guitar), Dave Dalton (keyboard), Ian O’Neill (drums), and Matt Warshauer AKA “Sauce.” Each member contributes to the songwriting process, which in turn helps to blend their individual musical influences together to create a pop sound accompanied by a definitive hip-hop edge.

Set List / Chicago
Faster Babe
Worry About You
Nobody’s In Love
Only For Me
Same Night Sky
Flashing Room

Even though 2AM Club was an unknown band to the Chicago crowd, the boys managed to instantaneously command the attention of the audience as the sound of the four instrumentalists, master of ceremonies, and singer reverberated throughout the venue. Sandwiched between two rap acts, 2AM Club was a joyous reprieve with their raw musical capabilities and unique fusion of pop and hip-hop.


MC Tyler Cordy and vocalist Marc Griffin were not playing instruments, but were able to find an effective balance between fan and bandmate interaction. 2AM Club’s ease with each other onstage had an osmosis effect as the energy permeated outward to the crowd. Each person in the group was relatable, making each concertgoer feel a sense of comfort and genuine enjoyment of the performance happening before them. As a song came to a close and a new one began, 2AM Club was able to take more control and demand more attention from people in the audience. By the end, fans had become the 2AM Club army, simultaneously shooting their hands in the air, waving them to and fro, and swaying to the grooves of the tunes.


More impressive than the band’s skills was the fact that after they were finished performing, some of the members filtered to the back of the house unrecognized to watch the night’s headliner Mike Posner. After Posner’s set, guitarist Matt Raegan was one of the first on stage to begin tear down: a true testament to the integrity, humility, and hard work of this group. Before the band’s Chicago gig, 2AM Club may not have had a strong following here; now the rise of their cult fan base has begun. 2AM Club will be a force to reckon with as their career continues to build. Download 2AM Club’s new singles “Worry About You” and “Nobody’s In Love” on iTunes now!

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