Fantabuloso’s Orianthi: Which One Isn’t Like The Other?

103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

Orianthi Chicago

More photos of Orianthi after the jump…

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Fantabuloso’s Trey Songz: Girls, Bars, Drinks & Birthdays

Trey Songz
103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

Trey Songz Chicago 1

More photos of Trey Songz after the jump…

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Fantabuloso’s Jay Sean: Two Down, Any More To Go?

Jay Sean
103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

British singer Jay Sean has successfully made a name for himself in the United States with his two consecutive hit singles “Down” and “Do You Remember.” Naturally, the omnipresent radio favorite “Down” was an instant smash in America thanks to a guest appearance from Lil Wayne. “Do You Remember” has taken a little bit longer to catch on with listeners and seems to be stuck in second place. The tune, which features Sean Paul and Lil Jon, will most likely never surpass its predecessor, no matter how hard it may try. Any piece of music featuring Lil Wayne is a sure fire winner in the U.S.A., as evidenced by any week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Sean Paul and Lil Jon no doubt can help boost the career of a relatively unknown pop star from another country, but they will never reach the level that is Lil Wayne.

Jay Sean Chicago

Jay Sean has the potential to survive in the cutthroat music industry and has two outrageously catchy songs to prove it. But the question remains: Does Sean have the talent, skills, voice, stage presence, stamina, and (most importantly) music to keep the fans he has already obtained satisfied and wanting more? If Sean’s debut album All Or Nothing can produce one or two more success stories in the form of hit radio singles and digital downloads, then we have an artist who might just make it. For now though, audiences across the country will have to be happy seeing Jay Sean live in concert performing “Down,” “Do You Remember,” and possibly one more tune from All Or Nothing. But that’s it, folks. Expect no more from a Jay Sean show at the moment.

Nathaniel Rateliff & Tallest Man On Earth Sells Out Lincoln Hall

Nathaniel Rateliff & Tallest Man On Earth
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

Nathaniel Rateliff & Tallest Man On Earth Lincoln Hall

(Photos by Max Erhlich)

I recently told my friend how much I liked the catchy and pretty awesome songs from DOM, one of the newest buzz bands, despite the fact that (based on lyrics, originality/sincerity, and a Pitchfork Interview) I’m not “rooting” for them. Nathaniel Rateliff, while not exactly making the most groundbreaking music, is someone that one (and especially the sold-out crowd at Lincoln Hall) roots for, on the other hand. The coolest thing about Rateliff’s set was that it featured reflective, acoustic, lyric-based stories that sonically isn’t too far removed from newer bands like Band Of Horses and Blitzen Trapper, but provided something more to grip; AND, it did all this in sweet three-minute packages. Not drawing out a slow-paced tune is key, I feel. The 5-piece was able to repeatedly thank the crowd for being so polite and appreciative, many of whom I’d imagine will catch them at Lincoln Hall’s brother-venue Schubas on July 21st, as well as fitting in ten strong songs.

Nathaniel Rateliff & Tallest Man On Earth Lincoln Hall

Nathaniel’s vocals, which are often backed up, drops to the deep tones of Bill Callahan or Mark Lannegan. I wrote down lyrics from all ten songs in hoping to find the track names that way, but unfortunately the press on the band is still fairly limited in that sense. The songs I have stars by, which I am able to find, tend to highlight the newer material from the late April release of this year, In Memory Of Loss. One of the most available tracks floating around the blog-world was an In Memory track that came towards the end of the set, “Early Spring Till.”

“Whimper and Wail,” another track available on their MySpace might have been the show-highlight; perusing their MySpace and available songs on the Internet give a pretty good indication of what to expect from the albums, and being a Tallest Man On Earth fan is a pretty strong endorsement for Nathaniel Rateliff. Another strong endorsement is that Kristian Matsson (thee Tallest Man On Earth himself) seems to be a pretty big fan. Amazingly, this was my first time at Lincoln Hall – amazingly because I go to shows a lot, and have been very close to coming here a lot. Like Park West, the disco ball really adds an awesome touch to any band, which spins during the end of sets. The song I had starred as liking the most had the lyrics “I guess you caught me in my…” Be sure to check that out among his two albums, and certainly get a ticket for the upcoming show; definitely the best outlet to here the band’s beautiful arrangements.
I was fortunate to get into this show (esp. for free) after it had been sold-out for a while, and although TMOE was the initial draw, it was Nathaniel’s publicist that got me in. I’ll only breeze by the important the Tallest Man On Earth notes – this will not be easy because the whole thing was awesome and I’ll spent the majority of the waking hours thinking about the show (the waking hours have been all but three hours), so I sort of won’t. He gave us some extra songs because it’s the last one before he takes a two month slumber before Pitchfork, and the cover songs were the most fun. If you haven’t heard TMOE before hustle over to YouTube and queue up the lyrics to “The Gardener,” one of the most played songs of 2009 for me.
I’ll let ya drool over the set list.

1) The Wild Hunt
2) 1000 Years
3) I Won’t Be Found
4) The Gardener (“a song about flowers”)
5) Kids On The Run
6) The Drying Of The Lawns
7) Pistol Dreams
8) Where Do My Bluebird Fly?
9) By Your Side (Sade)
10) I’m Going Back
11) Troubles Will Be Gone
12) Love Is All
13) Graceland (Paul Simon)
14) Burden Of Tomorrow
15) King Of Spain
16) I’ll Keep It With Mine (Dylan) w/ friend Amanda
17) The Man In Me (Dylan) w/ Lots of friends!!!
18) Like The Wheel

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Chicago Cheers For Another American Idol In Chicago – Daughtry

Sears Centre – Hoffman Estates, IL

The suspense for Daughtry was intense. From the moment the lights first came on and we heard the Batman Theme song start, we knew this was gonna be a good show. Too bad there was a drunken crazed hippy chic that was distracting me throughout the entire show with her acid dancing in her short shorts, oversized tank top & long nappy blonde hair. But I digress. Daughtry rocked out some of his top hits and even did a few covers. Daughtry brought us back to the 80’s with songs from Phil Collins to Billy Idol. Jason Wade from Lifehouse even made a cameo on stage to sing Home. Chris Daughtry make light of coming from a small town of 100 people and knew he wanted to go places. He even joked about his Uncle owning a gas station in town but still had to pay. Everyone showed up for Daughtry! The crowd was filled with screaming teenagers, mothers & fathers. This American Idol really brought out families out for a night full of Rock. Overall it was very fitting to see Daughtry in Hoffman Estates after Lee DeWyze’s win on American Idol from Wednesday night.

Daughtry/Lifehouse 2010 Tour Dates After The Jump:

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Lifehouse Hits The Road With “Smoke & Mirrors”

Sears Centre – Hoffman Estates, IL

Honestly I have never been a huge Lifehouse superfan or anything but I do like a few of their songs, mainly from back in the day, but I have to say they put on a heck of a show! I have to point out that they sound just as good live as they do on disc. In this day and age of digital recordings with Auto-Tune it really boggled my mind how awesome Jason’s voice is live. Lifehouse is out on tour with Daughtry promoting the band’s new album “Smoke and Mirrors” that was released on March 2nd. Lifehouse performed hit songs like “First Time,” “Whatever It Takes” and “Hanging by a Moment” while throwing in some new stuff off the new album. Wade talked about growing up in a 30ft trailer in a town made up of 300 people and having dreams of making it big someday. That is where the inspiration for the song Smoke & Mirrors came from. The highlight of the show was when Wade swaggered out off the main stage into the arms of starstruck fans. It was an incredible sight to see.

Daughtry/Lifehouse 2010 Tour Dates After The Jump:

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Holy Cow! It’s Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost!
The Metro – Chicago, IL

While Holy Ghost! may not be exactly the religious experience you were hoping for, these dance rockers are mid-explosion on the indie scene. Their first single, “Hold On,” is still pushing its way through the blogosphere, catching short glimpses of their future success in previous hits. Shoving the chillwave movement aside, these rockers are steadily forging their way into your most essential summer playlists.

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Ludacris Hits & Guest Raps Keep Fans In The House

103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

Ludacris Chicago

More photos of Ludacris after the jump…

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Abbey Pub Show Updates


Every Tues… Open Mic. 8:30pm. Free

Every Sun… Longest Running Traditional Irish Session with Devin Shepherd – 4pm. Free. $3 Guinness.

Preferred seating available at all music events when a dinner reservation is made

NEW SHOWS! On Sale Saturday at Noon!
*All shows are 21+ at the Abbey Pub.

Sun. 6-13-10:
Raising Money for Relay for Life Cancer Walk!
All Day Non-Stop Music Marathon!
Julian Bane – Money Up Front – Mary McIntire – Amy Dixon-Kolar – The Candy Duo – Fred and Friends – Mick Scott – Scott Baily – Wheelhouse – Dawn O”Keefe Williams – Chicago Highrise – Stuart Jacobson – James Party of 4 – Charles Mack. 12:00p.m. -1:00a.m. $20 cover, children under 12 free. All of the cover goes to the Relay For Life. A free drink ticket with each entry fee. You can come and go all day with a stamp.

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Metro * Smart Bar * Double Door Updates

Metro Smartbar The Double DoorJUST ANNOUNCED – ON SALE NOW IN METRO:


Friday, August 13: BORIS * RUSSIAN CIRCLES

Saturday, August 21: (JAM) THE NEW DEAL


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Belly Up Announces New Shows

Belly Up Logo San DiegoMonday, May 24 fm 949 presents NADA SURF w/Telekineis 9pm $20 adv / $22 DOS

Tuesday, May 25 SHELBY LYNNE w/Findlay Brown 8pm $25 adv / $27 DOS

Wednesday, May 26 An Evening with Monique – Comedy Show w/ Kyle Fitzgerald 8pm $10 adv / $12 DOS

Thursday, May 27 MAD HOUSE (Music, Art, Dance) 830pm $8 adv / $10 DOS w/Hyena, Mr. Biggs, DJ Leif and live art by Rick Walker, Alex Julian & Rick Rodriquez

Follow The Jump For More Shows….

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New Shows At The Empty Bottle

The Empty BottleThe Empty Bottle has a wee experiment going on this week with the Empty Bottle Farmer’s Market. While we loved the afternoon winter Farmer’s Markets (mostly because we like to sleep late on Saturdays), we wanted to see how an afternoon Farmer’s Market would fly on a weekday. From 3-8pm on Thursday our vendors will be back, with more product and produce than ever, and we’ll still be providing what we provide best – boozeichol.

05.26.10 HEAVEmedia presents Tim Lowly Ensemble | Husband & Wife | Kaspar Hauser (free)

05.27.10 Empty Bottle Farmer’s Market (3pm-8pm; free)

05.27.10 Birthday Suits | The Blind Shake | Bird Talk

More Shows After The Jump!

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Ke$ha Kills It At Fantabuloso…But Not In A Good Way

103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

Ke$ha 103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL

As far as interesting performances go, the hot mess that is pop star Ke$ha took home the gold medal. Never before have I seen so much confetti and glitter in one area; all of it gold. And let’s not even talk about what Ke$ha’s dressing room looked like after the show ended and the blonde train wreck had left the building. It appeared that multiple people in her band/entourage suffered from glitter poisoning and threw up all over the place. I felt so sorry for the cleaning crew whose responsibility it is to turn that room inside out and make it spick and span.

More photos of Ke$ha and the set list after the jump…

Ke$ha 103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso Allstate Arena - Rosemont, ILOpening her four-song set with second single “Blah Blah Blah,” it was obvious that Ke$ha is attempting to prove herself as a musician. In earlier performances of the tune (normally featuring 3OH!3), Ke$ha basically flung her body around on stage while barely holding on to her microphone. With arms and legs flailing about, it appeared quite possible that the girl was going to fall over while being completely out of breath and trying to sing. This time around, Ke$ha placed an electric guitar/bass on her body and proceeded to “play” the song’s core chords instead of drunkenly stumbling around. Or simply what Ke$ha probably considers dancing.

“Take It Off” made it blatant that Ke$ha’s debut record Animal is a culmination of the magical powers held by super producers Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Benny Blanco. This chick cannot sing live. There, I said it. Animal is vocal editing at its best. Appalled, but not exactly shocked, my jaw practically hit the floor as Ke$ha miserably sang the first verse of “Take It Off” so insanely off pitch I barely recognized the track from the album recording. Ke$ha was flat to the point of causing my ears to scream in pain. Make it stop! By the end of the song’s choreographed performance, my theory was confirmed ten times over that Ke$ha has no vocal talent whatsoever. Her recent release Animal only sounds good because Martin, Luke, and Blanco know how to make anybody sound decent, if not amazing. Don’t believe me? Just listen to Britney’s vocals live compared to Britney’s vocals recorded. Oh wait, you can’t listen to Spears’s vocals live because she lip-syncs. Hmm…wonder why.

Now let’s discuss Ke$ha’s performance of third single “Your Love Is My Drug.” Again, the 22 yrs. old trailer trash Nashville native cannot sing. My aurally aware and classically trained ears immediately picked up on the fact that the tune had been transposed to a much lower key so that Ke$ha could hit the notes. I first noticed the key change when watching the singer perform “Your Love Is My Drug” earlier this month on Saturday Night Live. There was something off about what I was hearing. I knew that the original recording of the track was written in a higher key. Of course, to the average listener it sounds like Ke$ha has no issue hitting the notes on the album. Thank you, Pro Tools. Thank you, Auto-Tune.

The bottom line is that when it comes time to shine, Ke$ha does not pull through nor lives up to the hype. She is living and breathing proof that anyone can “sing” when working with the right people behind the scenes in the studio. What I wouldn’t give to hear the original raw stems from Ke$ha’s recording sessions before the vocal editing and effects are added into the mix.

Click on thumbnails of Ke$ha to enlarge photos:

Check out Ke$ha on Cheeky Chicago by clicking here.

In Photos: The Heavy

The Heavy
Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL


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Lawrence Arms Play For A Good Cause

Lawrence Arms
Subterranean – Chicago, IL
May 19, 2010


The Lawrence Arms (so generously) played a very small sold out show to benefit the victims of a recent attack in Chicago. It’s quite a sad story. Two young women were on their way home from a night out and brutally attacked with a baseball bat. You can read more about it here. Thank goodness the perpetrator was caught, but these poor girls are still left with some serious medical bills. The Larry Arms stepped in to help…

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Webster Hall Shows

Live Entertainment Schedule for Webster Hall

Webster Hall New York CityEast Village music legend Lach presents five acts for five bucks every Wednesday night in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street). Doors are at 7pm for ages 18+. Five dollar admission, 2 drink minimum with 3rd drink free. Please add to your entertainment listings and previews

Coming to Webster Hall on Wednesday June 16th. Headliners, The Bowmans and Modal Kombat, are joined by Ruby Collins, Matt Sia and Da Skufz

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New Shows At The Abbey Pub!

Esohel & The U Dot Fam – YP – Voyce G.I. Go – The New’ …Old – F.A.B.L.E. – DJ
JRell. Beat Show Case: Drum Kingz – Phantem -Wes P – Maja 7 – Slot A. Hosted By:
Corona Brone. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the Door. Genre: Hip Hop

Fri. 6-4-10:
I Lost Control – Magatha Trysty – The Hurtin’ Kind – Alexander Webb – London Anderson. Doors at 8pm, and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Genre: Rock

Wed. 6-9-10:
Flabby Hoffman Presents….
J. Beck – Daysleeper – Rebel Rousers – The 4orty 5ives. Doors at 8pm and show at 8:30pm. Tickets $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Genre: Hip Hop

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“I Should Have Known It” is the first official single off Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Mojo, coming out June 15 on Reprise. It’s pretty bluesy and it’s very awesome.  The band will be on SNL this Saturday, and their extensive summer tour dates are listed after the jump.

And remember, with every online ticket purchase, you get a free download of Mojo (two songs right away, the rest of the album on June 15) and also a bunch of live tracks from the tour at the end of the summer.

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Touchpoint Technologies Announces it will launch and showcase its Revolutionar- Mobile Refer a Friend Technology (mRAF)

Touchpoint Technologies Announces it will launch and showcase its Revolutionar- Mobile Refer a Friend Technology (mRAF)

TAMPA, FL. – May 14, 2010 – Touchpoint Technologies LLC, located in Wesley Chapel FL will launch and showcase its revolutionary Mobile Refer a Friend (mRAF) Technology (Patent Pending) at the National Restaurant Association Annual Trade Show May 22-25 in Chicago.

The mRAF Technology enhancement further expands the versatility of the Touchpoint Technologies digital direct marketing solution suite, providing a revolutionary methodology to growing a merchants’ opt-in Mobile Marketing Database.

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Membership Means Business 365 Days a Year at National Restaurant Association

Membership Means Business 365 Days a Year at National Restaurant Association/NRAEF Booth #6300 at NRA Show 2010

Member value and business solutions to be showcased by industry’s leading trade association

(Washington, D.C.) The National Restaurant Association—the restaurant industry’s leading trade association—will demonstrate some of its products, services, tools and solutions to enhance America’s restaurants at NRA Show 2010. The Association and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will also feature special guests and top ProStart students in Booth #6300, May 22-25, at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

“Our mission is to help our members – the cornerstone of their communities – build customer loyalty, rewarding careers and financial success,” said Dawn Sweeney, President & CEO of the National Restaurant Association and the NRAEF. “We will feature business solutions and research that help restaurant operators manage costs and build profitability, showcase the benefits of sustainability and social responsibility, and highlight our advocacy efforts all four days of the event.”

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Lolene Checks In From Her Video Shoot!

Check out Lolene at Smashbox Studios during the planning stages of the music video shoot for her single, “Rich (Fake it Til You Make It).” Find out about Lolene’s love for owls and meet the director, Justin Harder in the new clip!

Stay tuned for the official video premiere coming soon and keep up with Lolene on Twitter, @Lolene.

The Maine Announce Major Label Debut New Song “Growing Up”

The Maine Announce Major Label Debut New Song “Growing Up”
and National Headlining Tour Kicks Off July 7th

Sire/Action Theory Records artists The Maine have announced their first-ever nationwide headlining tour. “An Evening with The Maine,” sponsored by Alternative Press Magazine, kicks off July 7th in San Francisco, CA and runs through August 27th in Mesa, AZ. The tour will support the July 13th release of their major label debut album Black & White. The Howard Benson-produced Black & White is the follow-up to their 2008 Fearless Records debut Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

“An Evening with The Maine” will be a unique event that allows fans to connect with the band on a personal level. Each show will feature a 90-minute set from the Arizona five-piece, followed by an audience-wide meet & greet and photo session for any fan wishing to say hello to the band. This Century will open on the tour, and there will be special guests, giveaways, contests and prizes every night.

Tour Dates after the jump…

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The Rolling Stones Debut New Music Video “Following The River”

The Rolling Stones Debut New Music Video “Following The River”

Exile On Main Street Re-Released and Available In-Stores Now!


The second promotional video taken from the un-released material on Exile On Main Street – “Following The River” is an amazing vintage style animated story based video, following the journey of the Mississippi river from source to end, watch it on Vevo now! “Following The River” is one of ten previously unreleased tracks, from the Exile On Main Street Deluxe Edition, available on iTunes and Amazon today!

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Metro * Smart Bar * Double Door Shows

Metro * Smart Bar * Double Door Shows

Metro Smartbar The Double DoorON SALE THIS SATURDAY 5/22 @ NOON IN METRO:


Friday, August 20: TOKYO POLICE CLUB

Thursday, September 30: GAYNGS



Friday, June 25: MONTY LUKE * FREDERICK ZAHM * DJ LADY D * and works from the Prak-sis Art Collective


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Alex Band, Lead Singer of The Calling, Returns with New Single “Tonight”

Alex Band, Lead Singer of The Calling, Returns with New Single “Tonight”

Solo Debut We’ve All Been There Out June 29th

The inspiring sound of Alex Band’s powerful, emotionally charged voice is immediately recognizable to millions of music lovers, thanks to his former band The Calling’s modern-day classics like “Adrienne,” “Our Lives” and the chart-topping hit “Wherever You Will Go,” which Billboard recently named the #1 Adult Pop Song of the Decade. We’ve All Been There, Band’s solo debut (released June 29th on his own AMB label through EMI), contains the first new material fans have heard from Alex in half a decade. “I’ve lived with these songs for years,” says Band, “and the whole point is to share them with everybody now.”

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Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival: New Episode of UPROAR TV Posted

Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival LOGORockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival: New Episode of UPROAR TV Posted

This week’s episode of the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival’s UPROAR TV pays a visit to Disturbed in the studio as they record their upcoming album Asylum, due in August. The video gives fans the first ever opportunity to hear a quick tidbit of a new song if they listen closely. To watch the latest episode of UPROAR TV, visit

Disturbed will perform several new tracks when they headline the upcoming Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival August 17-October 4 along with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Hellyeah and more.

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Aqualung: Life, Liberty & Everything In Between

Verve Forecast
Magnetic North – Out now!

“Well, we’ve accumulated quite a wide range of Scotch.” – Matt Hales (Aqualung), life on the road on the US

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Coheed and Cambria Leaves Crowd Wanting More

Coheed and Cambria
Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL
May 14, 2010


I remember watching Coheed and Cambria shows back in 2002, 2003 when they really hit the scene and began to garner a large following. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to catch them live, and I realize now what I once though was a large following was in fact only the beginning. What can best be described as legions of ardent followers filled Congress Theater for the performance. I heard it did not sell out, but if it didn’t by the time Coheed began to play then I’m not sure where they were planning on putting the extra people. It was listed as an all-aged show, and they weren’t kidding. I saw young teens, twenty-somethings, and even some fans that were old enough to be my parents.
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Flyleaf Brings Angst To Vegas With ‘Unite And Fight Tour’

Hard Rock Pool – Las Vegas, NV
May 7, 2010

Flyleaf Hard Rock Pool Las Vegas

On what turned out to be a really nice night, Flyleaf brought their Unite And Fight Tour to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Friday Night Live concert series which are held at the venue’s famous outdoor pool. Though not the most ideal space to see a concert, the band completely captivated the fairly decent sized audience. Flyleaf hit the stage under minimal lighting for the aptly named “In The Dark” from their sophomore release Momento Mori. Lead singer Lacey Mosely lead the group through an evening of equally powerful and haunting songs.

Since their inception, Flyleaf has toured what some would say endlessly. It is evident from the moment the show began that Flyleaf loves being on stage in front of their fans. Band members Sameer Bhattacharya (guitar), Pat Seals (bass), Jared Hartmann (rhythm guitar), and James Culpepper (drums) exude boundless energy.

Flyleaf kept the crowd’s attention focused on their performance by keeping chatter to a minimum while blasting through an 18-song set. As compelling as the tunes sound on record, I recommend checking out Flyleaf live in concert when they come to your town.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

Photographed by: George Nieves

Circa Survive’s Long Overdue Return To Chicago!

Circa Survive
Congress Thatre – Chicago, IL
May 14, 2010

Oh, Hello… It’s been two years too long

I have to say, it’s kind of weird but also telling, that Circa Survive would be the first show that I review.   Indie isn’t a genre that I’ve leaned towards, as it is in direct opposition to my metal image. That said, the moment I heard their debut release “Juturna”, I was hooked. I was soooo excited for this show. The last album they released was On Letting Go in late 2007. Needless to say, myself and the audience included were way overdue for our Circa fix. 

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Belly Up – Upcoming Shows


Belly Up Logo San DiegoMAY

Friday, May 14 HAPPY HOUR – The Brokers 5:30-8pm $5 ga

Friday, May 14 An Evening with GROUNDATION 9pm $18 adv / $20 DOS

Saturday, May 15 CSI: NY’S GARY SINISE & THE LT. DAN BAND w/Alex Woodard 9pm $25 adv / $27 DOS

Sunday, May 16 LEFT4DEAD – Matinee 3:15p $8 ga

Sunday, May 16 SALSA SUNDAY w/Orquesta Primo 8pm $10 ga

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Did Public Image Limited disappoint Chicago?

Public Image Limited
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
May 1, 2010


I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go to the Public Image Ltd. show. They haven’t toured for nearly 20 years and I wasn’t sure how the band would mesh together. After much debate in my head and agonizing over the absurd fees that get tacked onto ticket prices, I decided to do it. And I’m happy I did! Once the band graced the stage a smile came over my face. Lyndon’s spiky hair and oversized pin striped suit reminded you that you were in the presence of a group that has been around since 1978 and is fronted by the infamous Johnny Rotten.

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Empty Bottle Events

The Empty BottleLongman & Eagle is hosting the Goose Island Brewmaster’s Dinner on Monday, May 17. The L&E super chef Jared Wentworth and Goose Island Brewmaster Greg Hall are teaming up to present a 5 course meal paired with Goose Island beers. The menu, seating info, etc., can be found here

Here are the shows for this week:

05.14.10 The Lonesome Organist | Sonoi | David Daniell

05.15.10 Greg Laswell | Jimmy Gnecco | Brian Wright

05.16.10 Rock & Roll Cinema featuring Moog

05.16.10 Deep Dark Woods | I Ching Quartet | Matt Crews

05.17.10 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth | KK Rampage | Psychic Steel | Alex Barnett

05.23.10 Rock & Roll Cinema featuring Mayor of the Sunset Strip

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Columbus, OH: With its Nashville neighbors experiencing unprecedented flooding and damage, Columbus, Ohio’s annual ROCK ON THE RANGE festival–May 22 and 23 at Columbus Crew Stadium–will make a $.50 cent donation per ticket sold to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund. The Fund, consisting of a partnership between the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the Office of the Mayor of Nashville, and Davidson County’s Office of Emergency Management, will support relief efforts necessitated by flooding, which has impacted so many lives.

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