An Horse: Bad Grammar, Good Band

An Horse
Park West – Chicago, IL
05/06/2010An Horse Park West

“Most people in America hate the name. They call it awkward and bland. But I like it. I like the way the words fit together. People who get it — get it.” – Kate Cooper (An Horse)

While the band name is a lesson in bad grammar, An Horse set out to prove they were more than just a quirky band name. The two DIY-Australians have only released their first album (Rearrange Beds) in the past year, and they are slowly but surely gathering some well deserved attention.

The interesting thing is there is no discernable genre the duo could easily fall into, which could be part of the duo’s appeal. More often than not, Kate Cooper’s vocals reminded me of a few songs from Tegan and Sara. Fitting, considering they toured with the Canadian sisters twice now. Currently on tour with Kaki King, the two bands have formed a close knit bond and often cover one another’s songs. The majority of lyrics from An Horse seem conversational, often overlapping or echoing one another. While the on stage banter was cute, it was somewhat distracting from their music- which is not typically jovial, thus preventing the band to maintain any sort of flow. I imagined An Horse playing steadfast and unwavering, holding a steady gallop until the end of their brief set. Still, while the venue was not packed with friends and fans, An Horse filled all of Park West with raucous sound.

An Horse may be relatively new to the music scene here and fresh to your ears, but these two prove they are not amateurs of making solid tunes. Their latest album, Rearrange Beds, is available now. They also just released an EP alternatively titled Beds Rearranged which features remixes from the likes of Tally Hall, TV On the Radio and RAC Collective. You can snag the remix album and a very special An Horse tote bag for only $15! Check out their website for more details.

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