Ke$ha Kills It At Fantabuloso…But Not In A Good Way

103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL
May 21, 2010

Ke$ha 103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL

As far as interesting performances go, the hot mess that is pop star Ke$ha took home the gold medal. Never before have I seen so much confetti and glitter in one area; all of it gold. And let’s not even talk about what Ke$ha’s dressing room looked like after the show ended and the blonde train wreck had left the building. It appeared that multiple people in her band/entourage suffered from glitter poisoning and threw up all over the place. I felt so sorry for the cleaning crew whose responsibility it is to turn that room inside out and make it spick and span.

More photos of Ke$ha and the set list after the jump…

Ke$ha 103.5 KISS FM Fantabuloso Allstate Arena - Rosemont, ILOpening her four-song set with second single “Blah Blah Blah,” it was obvious that Ke$ha is attempting to prove herself as a musician. In earlier performances of the tune (normally featuring 3OH!3), Ke$ha basically flung her body around on stage while barely holding on to her microphone. With arms and legs flailing about, it appeared quite possible that the girl was going to fall over while being completely out of breath and trying to sing. This time around, Ke$ha placed an electric guitar/bass on her body and proceeded to “play” the song’s core chords instead of drunkenly stumbling around. Or simply what Ke$ha probably considers dancing.

“Take It Off” made it blatant that Ke$ha’s debut record Animal is a culmination of the magical powers held by super producers Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Benny Blanco. This chick cannot sing live. There, I said it. Animal is vocal editing at its best. Appalled, but not exactly shocked, my jaw practically hit the floor as Ke$ha miserably sang the first verse of “Take It Off” so insanely off pitch I barely recognized the track from the album recording. Ke$ha was flat to the point of causing my ears to scream in pain. Make it stop! By the end of the song’s choreographed performance, my theory was confirmed ten times over that Ke$ha has no vocal talent whatsoever. Her recent release Animal only sounds good because Martin, Luke, and Blanco know how to make anybody sound decent, if not amazing. Don’t believe me? Just listen to Britney’s vocals live compared to Britney’s vocals recorded. Oh wait, you can’t listen to Spears’s vocals live because she lip-syncs. Hmm…wonder why.

Now let’s discuss Ke$ha’s performance of third single “Your Love Is My Drug.” Again, the 22 yrs. old trailer trash Nashville native cannot sing. My aurally aware and classically trained ears immediately picked up on the fact that the tune had been transposed to a much lower key so that Ke$ha could hit the notes. I first noticed the key change when watching the singer perform “Your Love Is My Drug” earlier this month on Saturday Night Live. There was something off about what I was hearing. I knew that the original recording of the track was written in a higher key. Of course, to the average listener it sounds like Ke$ha has no issue hitting the notes on the album. Thank you, Pro Tools. Thank you, Auto-Tune.

The bottom line is that when it comes time to shine, Ke$ha does not pull through nor lives up to the hype. She is living and breathing proof that anyone can “sing” when working with the right people behind the scenes in the studio. What I wouldn’t give to hear the original raw stems from Ke$ha’s recording sessions before the vocal editing and effects are added into the mix.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Are those even shorts that she’s wearing?! Or golden leopard panties? lol Gah….I don’t like Kesha…and didn’t expect her to be good live either! lol

  2. amy morrison says:

    i saw her on saturday night live and realized she was horrible but thought that somehow the rest of the world had swallowed the blue pill. unfortunately she s one of the many reasons that pop music suffers just when lady gaga gives it a breath of fresh air, gaga horrible try to be and fail poisons it. boo hiss

  3. Audriena says:

    hahaha you really hate her now huh?

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