Jewel Gets Sweet and Wild at the Vic

The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL

Jewel The Vic Theatre ChicagoJewel’s most recent album, Sweet and Wild, comes out this Tuesday. She performed many new songs from her upcoming album during the Chicago stop on her Starlight Cafe tour, but she also played many fan favorites as well.

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Jewel started off the show with a quiet, a cappella “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” but then picked up her guitar to continue the show. She kept the crowd involved by asking for requests. Jewel’s dedicated fans remained respectfully quiet during her performances, but they didn’t hold back when shouting for a favorite song. “It’s like a game show!” Jewel laughed after hearing the crowd’s deafening response.

Jewel The Vic Theatre ChicagoJewel accompanied her songs with personal stories, including one about her time spent without a home and having to turn to shoplifting for food. She followed this story with a very touching “Hands.” She continued with songs both new and old, ending with “Who Will Save Your Soul,” which was her first song written and her first single released, and she commented on that experience, stating that she had to pull over in her car because she was so emotional. Jewel walked off the stage to a standing ovation, and the crowd did not stop cheering until she came back. She did one final song, joking, “Now for the real reason you all are here- yodeling!” She did not disappoint. Having learned how to yodel as a youngster in Alaska, she was able to yodel faster and faster, until her vocals were just a blur. She thanked her fans and received a second standing ovation from the crowd as she walked off the stage once again.

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