New Kids On The Block Still Got It!

New Kids On The Block
The Venue – Hammond, IN

New Kids On The Block The Venue - Hammond, INWhen I told people I would be seeing NKOTB I got mixed reactions from “OMG I would so see them” to “New Kids? Um aren’t they currently old enough for AARP?” Oh no my friend, NKOTB still have it! After the kaos of getting to the show we walked into a room of crazed fans and frantic security as the men of NKOTB were making their way thru the crowd of screaming fans. The show was different from any other time I have seen The New Kids, accompaning them on stage were their very own drummer, guitarist, DJ & even keyboardist. The show was dripping with dramatic acts and sexiness. Joey started “Please Don’t Go Girl” on his stool and ended up finishing the song on the stage floor. The guys talked about last years cruise tour and polled the audience to see who was on the cruise. I was shocked at how many ladies actually made it out for the cruise and still came back for more.

New Kids On The Block The Venue - Hammond, IN

During on song Joey came out in pants and a suit jacket with no undershirt. Don’t ask me what song it was because I was too distracted by his pure hottness of perfectly defined abs.

My favorite part of the show was when Donnie came out for a solo wearing a muscle shirt that showed off his massivley hot arms. After the song he put on a shirt & jacket and that is when the ladies started to boo him. He told everyone “if you come back tomorrow I’ll keep it off.” The room filled with cheers. Then he said “Come back Sunday and I’ll take it all off.” The crowd went nuts with screams and hollering.

Even tho NKOTB aren’t boys anymore they sure are sexified men and can still make the girls go wild!

By the end of the show women where throwing things up on stage like these awesome boxers that Donnie ended up putting on.

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