Sia Undergoes Rebirth With New Album ‘We Are Born’

We Are Born
June 8, 2010

Sia We Are Born

With integral reservation to candidly be herself, Aussie singer/songwriter Sia Furler fortuitously accomplishes individuality on her sixth studio album attempt, We Are Born. Sia has delighted in steady burgeoning success since her solo debut in 1997. Compared frequently to fellow female singers Feist, Adele, and even Nelly Furtado, Sia manages to distinguish her sound with a full lineup of quirky, catchy, and addictive tracks that fall under the category of ‘acid jazz.’ Kicking things off is first song “The Fight,” which immediately explodes into your ears. “The Fight” makes it blatantly clear where Sia drew her inspiration for the album’s title. We are born is the first line Sia sings in the tune. The compilation continues with upbeat ditties each with their own infectious hook, including first single “Clap Your Hands” as well as dance club favorite “You’ve Changed.”

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Towards the end of the album, Sia incorporates slower tracks such as the Madonna cover “Oh Father,” yet manages to keep their idiosyncrasies with the fluctuations in her voice and use of background instrumentals. The songs are not driven by groundbreaking lyrics. However, each track relies on its particular toxic refrain and repeats it over and over again. “Bring Night” includes the following lyric: Bring night! / Bring the night on! / Bring a little bit of dance / Bring a little bit of song, yea! Not monumental, but incredibly contagious. I wake up every morning with a different Sia song off of We Are Born in my head.

To make up for her lack of lyrical acumen, Sia brilliantly surrounds herself with Grammy-nominated producer Greg Kurstin (Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha, Lily Allen). Musical contributions are provided by The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and Inara George (The Bird And The Bee) for back-up vocals. Not being as familiar with Sia’s previous work upon first listening to We Are Born, I incorrectly associated Sia with the likes of artists Dido and Sarah McLachlan. I had assumed her sound fell under the “elevator music” category, but now stand corrected.

Listeners will not tire of Sia’s bubble gum pop garnished with emphatic use of bells, xylophones, and eclectic melodies. Sia has the musical genius to reinvent herself in a competitive music industry making We Are Born a must-have record that can be left on repeat all day long. Look for it June 8, 2010 brought to you by Monkey Puzzle/JIVE Records. To relive Sia’s concert in Chicago this past April, check out The Dead Hub’s live review and photos here.

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