Courtenay Green talks Princeton University, SXSW, and See Green’s newest EP, Violet

When I hear a person’s name as an artist, I generally lump them in the singer/songwriter category. Then I heard Courtenay Green and I stopped assuming. Courtenay Green fronts the pop-rock dance band See Green. They EP, Violet, dropped on May 4th and The Dead Hub caught up with Courtney to talk about the EP, her alm mater (Princeton University), and See Green at SXSW.

The Dead Hub: You recently changed your performing name from Courtenay Green to See Green. What brought on the change?

Courtenay: A few reasons, but mainly because the music was changing a lot. It moved from a quieter singer/songwriter style to an electric guitar to become more of a band sound. The primary reason is it pigeonholed you much faster. New project new music…new sound…and no one could spell my name!

On not being a singer/songwriter: “I want to be amused. I like to have energy in the crowd. It’s so much more fun to play. Why not make them fun? I like a lot of slow music but I don’t know how they play that night after night.”

DH: LA is far cry from Princeton University. What made you decide to make a leap to Hollywood?

Courtenay: I love Princeton. I had a wonderful time…I lived in New York for most of my life. It was easy to run into the same people all the time. It was time for a big change and this seemed like the biggest change short of moving to Europe.

DH: How was SXSW experience for you?

Courtenay: We did a few shows. I never been to Austin and it was an overwhelming way to be introduced. It was a great event! I knew there were thousands of bands; you walk past every door and there was a band playing.

Courtenay notes: “Wear flats to SXSW….I discovered that the hard way.”

DH: What are your plans for the rest of 2010?

Courtenay: Number one priority is writing new songs. I played in a lot of cities in the US. Now I need to buckle down and write new music and have a full CD release. I am going to retreat to the Bat Cave.

DH: What should listeners expect from the EP?

Courtenay: It’s a little heavier. Just more rock oriented. The EP is a lot more synthesizers and experimenting with sounds. There is one acoustic song and new tones and sounds. I am not reinventing the wheel but this EP is more danceable and more fun to play and see live.

DH: Are there any guest writers or musicians on the EP?

Courtenay: No, I am a one woman show. That’s a goal for the next album with more collaboration. I am very used to be a control freak and arranging all the parts. I am not saying it’s the best way.

DH: Something we don’t know about Courtney?

Courtenay: I am allergic to food coloring. I play trumpet. I play drums in an all woman Led Zeppelin tribute band.

DH: I am a secret fan of…?

Courtenay: Show tunes! I grew up going to a lot of musicals. That was first exposure to live music. I probably saw them all (Broadway shows). I know all the songs from Anything Goes. My parents were taking me to concerts. I did see Jethro Tull with my mom too.

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