Wakey! Wakey! Plays Sold Out Show at Schubas!

Wakey! Wakey!
Schubas – Chicago, IL

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Like many others I hopped on the Wakey! Wakey! bandwagon via One Tree Hill. I honestly had no idea who WW was until I saw Mike Grubbs play “Grubbs” on One Tree Hill and I have to say I was hooked. His catchy lyrics and fun hooks really got me reeled in. I was oh too excited to hear he would be coming thru the Chi. I knew I had to try and catch this show. Even tho it was a school night for me, I made the tread out to the city and boy am I glad I did!

More photos and set list after the jump!

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It was a big night filled with first times for the band. This was WW’s first time in Chicago and their very first Sold Out Show! Mike had us all cracking up the whole time in between songs with his jokes and random commentary. At one point during the set Mike said he was going do a solo song, so the band moved to the side of the stage to sit this one out. Mike mentioned how he felt good about this song and really thinks it’s gonna be a #1 hit. The crowd got thrilled. He said it would blow Beiber out of the water. Then he made jokes about opening for Mr. Beiber. As he started to sing the first lines of his new song – “I come home in the morning light-My mother says when you gonna live your life right” the crowd just started to crack up. He stopped playing for a second and said “I haven’t even gotten to the chorus yet!” Then he proceeded to play Girls Just Wanna Have Fun while the rest of us sang along.

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The crowd was very interactive shouting out to Mike during the talkative moments.  Mike’s favorite part was when we would sing along to the songs we knew well. He said he “likes to hear his songs sung back to him”. Mike told us we were “one of the best audiences he’s ever played for in his life” then someone from the crowd shouted “you say that to all the cities”. We all got a good laugh outta that one. Mike mentioned Brooklyn fans are gonna have a hard time beating us. Even though he may be swayed to favor his hometown at least we know we are a good runner up!

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I know I am missing a couple of songs but here is an idea of how the set played out:

The Oh Song
War Sweater
Square Peg Round Hole
Solo – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Light Outside
Take It Like A Man
Feral Love
Got It Wrong
Dance So Good
Almost Everything

Encore-Clinton St Girl & Car Crash

Check back tomorrow for our interview with Mike!

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  1. emily says:

    sounds like a great show! I love when the audience and the bands feel connected :)

  2. School night?? You are funny!

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