Interview with Mike Grubbs from Wakey! Wakey!

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Between busy schedules of being the lead singer and songwriter from indie rock band Wakey! Wakey! and playing bartender “Grubbs” on One Tree Hill, Michael Grubbs took the time to answer some questions on how the summer tour is going and what music he recommends for 2010.

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How has being on One Tree Hill changed things?
One Tree Hill has introduced us to a whole new fan set. Pretty awesome. They’re all really intense music fans, pretty much the best you could hope for!

We have had the pleasure of Interviewing & Reviewing Kate Voegele, how is it to work with her?
Kate is an angel. She takes the scenes really seriously, and is a total pro. It’s a pleasure to work with her. She’s fun to party with,

How was it playing SXSW?
SXSW was a blast, but I wish I’d had more time to see music. I only really got to two concerts, Kate Voegele, and Adam Green. Both were great. Besides that it was a blind rush of moving gear, and the band, and soundchecks and shows. We met some great people though!

I know it’s still early but how is the summer tour going thus far?
I never dreamed this tour could go so well. It’s been great to meet the fans after each show! It’s a crazy lifestyle, and I’ve really checked any sense of a personal life for now, but it’s amazingly rewarding. I love how the audiences sing along. I’ll never get used to how awesome that feels.

How does the band get ready for a show? Do you have any traditions before hitting the stage?
We basically just talk through what we’re about to do. We’re an extremely tight family, so we always know what headspace each other are in. Pretty much from the time we get coffee in the morning we’re laughing all the way to the venue, so not much changes. Our stage personas, and just our natural goofy selves. We have a lot to be happy and grateful for right now.

I noticed from twitter that you were a fan of Lost. What did you really think of the Finale? Personally I thought it was BULLSHIT and was not happy with all the important unanswered questions.
I’m a serial monogamist. When I fall for someone or something, I always get their back. While it’s true that the season finale left a lot of questions, I was so emotionally satisfied I didn’t really care. I think that also, the more questions that are left, the more you ponder and answer things for yourself. I think the ending was a lot more esoteric than people gave it credit for. That being said, I’ll admit that I was in love with lost, and in a 6 year relationship with her, so she could do no wrong.

What is your writing technique? Do you like writing the music first or lyrics? Vice versa?
I kind of imagine the whole thing. Rarely do things come one at a time for me. I also like to write while away from my instrument, then sit down and play whatever I’ve dreamed up.

What are your recommended albums or bands to check out for 2010?
I’m late to the game, but Beach House is amazing. Also the Antlers last album is soul crushingly beautiful. On the new albums tip, I’m digging the new album from the National. Also Drakes album makes me shake my skinny little booty.

Wakey! Wakey! Tour Dates:

06/24/10 Philadelphia, PA – North Star Bar w/ The Spring Standards

07/09/10 Austin, TX – The Mohawk

07/10/10 Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves

Tour: West Coast

07/12/10 Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

07/13/10 Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern

07/14/10 San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah

07/15/10 Los Angeles, CA – The Bootleg Theater

07/22/10 Allston / Boston, MA – Great Scott

07/23/10 Brooklyn, NY- Brooklyn Bowl

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