Boys Like Girls Provide Fans With Weekend Great Escape

Boys Like Girls
The Bamboozle Roadshow
Soldier Field – Chicago, IL
June 12, 2010


It’s pretty simple: quite commonly and frequently boys like girls. Hence, the inspiration behind pop punk band Boys Like Girls’ (BLG) name. When you see the guys perform live, it’s also pretty simple and easy to figure out why BLG has been experiencing worldwide success and steady radio airplay for the past four years. Boys Like Girls was one of the biggest names on the famed lineup that rocked The Bamboozle Roadshow at Soldier Field this month, home of the Chicago Bears.

Read more of our live review of Boys Like Girls and see the band’s set list from The Bamboozle Roadshow after the jump…

I was privileged to experience this Boston-based band’s performance from start to finish tucked away behind their guitar technician on stage right. An extensive interview conducted by The Dead Hub beforehand gave me the opportunity to observe Martin Johnson (lead vocals), Bryan Donahue (bass), John Keefe (drums), and Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar) interact in their domestic tour bus environment. I was pleasantly surprised by the switch I saw in the quartet from fun-loving, yet highly distracted guys to serious performers with a focused energy solely for the purpose of pleasing hundreds of screaming fans the moment they took the stage.


While watching them prepare for their show, BLG had a subtle, yet relaxed energy beforehand. However, all of the peace and calm surrounding the guys abruptly dissolved into true punk band flair instantly when they kicked things off with smash single “Love Drunk” from their second studio album also titled Love Drunk.

Set List / Chicago

Love Drunk

Five Minutes To Midnight


Heart Heart Heartbreak


Two Is Better Than One

The Great Escape

Throughout the entirety of the BLG set, there was an effective mix of highs and lows in the song selection. Boys Like Girls was able to slow it down in the middle with Johnson solely taking center stage playing an acoustic two song set consisting of “Thunder” and “Two Is Better Than One” (minus Taylor Swift, thank God). The crowd got a taste of Bon Jovi copycat “Heart Heart Heartbreak,” first ever single “Hero/Heroine” from the debut self-titled Boys Like Girls album, and ended with massive radio hit sensation “The Great Escape.”

BLG’s passion for performing live was obvious in their interaction with each other and their fans throughout the seven song set. The biggest personality switch I observed was in lead guitarist DiGiovanni, who was visibly somber and frustratingly quiet throughout The Dead Hub interview, but came to life once guitar was in hand and body was onstage. After the band’s set was completed came my favorite moment. This was when bassist Donahue began interacting with the accumulating crowd on stage left while the rest of the band and stage crew quickly aggregated backstage. Donahue took the time to take photos with fans and sign autographs, a testament to his dedication to BLG fans and their support.


If you want to learn more about BLG, check out our interview with the band titled Boys Like Girls Break It Down To Business & Break Even.

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