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Good Charlotte Plays It Safe With Back Catalog Repertoire

Good Charlotte
The Bamboozle Roadshow
Soldier Field – Chicago, IL
June 12, 2010


As veterans of The Bamboozle Roadshow lineup, expectations were high for a solid delivery and performance from Good Charlotte. To captivate concertgoers, Good Charlotte played it safe by relying on a slew of hits from their old records to please diehard fans. However, the guys also appealed to the younger demographic present in the crowd via incorporating a couple of newer tunes.

Read the entire live review and see the set list from Good Charlotte’s Chicago Bamboozle Roadshow performance after the jump…

Good Charlotte was the only band that had to battle the downpour of rain, but made the best of the situation by working the audience and promoting high volume energy through jumping, hand waving, and lyrical participation. To add interest and intrigue to their too short set, frontman Joel Madden and twin brother Benji compared each song to going on a date. The first song was Chicago’s first date with GC, the second song was our second date with the Maryland quintet, etc. This concept may have been due to the fact that Benji courted a girl from Chicago once upon a time. Good Charlotte had a natural ease with their fans and knew how to swoon the females during our imaginary five dates.

Set List / Chicago

The Anthem

Girls And Boys

Like It’s Her Birthday

Dance Floor Anthem

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

The highlight of the boys’ set list was a “you heard it here first” listen of Good Charlotte’s new single “Like It’s Her Birthday” from their upcoming fifth studio album due out in September. Good Charlotte is Joel Madden (lead vocals), Benji Madden (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Billy Martin (lead guitar, keyboard), Paul Thomas (bass), and Dean Butterworth (drums, percussion).


Good Charlotte began experiencing national success through lyrics that dared listeners to go against the limitations of society. Currently, some members live contradictory lifestyles to the words of the songs that they sing every day (Joel Madden + Nicole Richie = rich and famous). In order to win back any skeptical and faltering fans, Good Charlotte needs a perilous record that will establish them once again as a top pop punk band.

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