The Bamboozle Roadshow
Soldier Field – Chicago, IL
June 12, 2010

LMFAO Chicago

LMFAO (Interscope Records) generated a buzz around their show hours before they even performed as their tour crew strutted around Soldier Field all day in loud zebra striped pants and vividly colorful tees at The Bamboozle Roadshow in Chicago. Since LMFAO was the second to last act to perform, the audience was forced to wait in anticipation for LMFAO (composed of Sky Blu and Redfoo) to rock the stage and engage the crowd.

Read more of our live review of LMFAO and see the set list from The Bamboozle Roadshow after the jump…

LMFAO Chicago 1

I was hanging out by the concession stand for the first two songs, and therefore did not witness LMFAO in full action until the third song in. However, the energy the “Party Rock Crew” duo exuded was osmotic, diffusing throughout the stadium and seeping into the souls of attending audience members. Beats from their 2009 debut album Party Rock boomed and resounded hundreds of feet away to where I was standing, inspiring me to throw my own private dance party in my own private corner.

LMFAO Chicago 3

As expected, LMFAO was decked out in resplendent garb, accentuated by gold bling, Afros, bedazzled glassless frames, and too tight low riding skinny jeans. Renowned for club hits “I’m In Miami Bitch” and “Shots,” I graciously welcomed the opportunity to receive proper introduction to other LMFAO tracks through their live show. LMFAO was engaging and energetic throughout their entire set thanks to catchy electro dance pop jams that make it impossible to stand still. With expectations of a typical rap act featuring songs that all sound the same, LMFAO notably delivered a hip-hop fusion of electronic beats and alternative rapping, giving a unique flair to the group’s one-of-a-kind sound.

LMFAO Chicago 2

The highlight of not only LMFAO’s set, but of the entire evening was the random guest appearance of five Chicago Blackhawks hockey players fresh off their Stanley Cup victory three nights before. Most notable and instantly recognizable was Patrick Kane, the 21 year old who scored the winning goal during the last game against the Philadelphia Flyers. The grand finale of LMFAO’s performance was overshadowed as the attention from fans became more and more directed at the Blackhawks players awkwardly standing around onstage with blue alcohol filled solo cups in tow, clearly still in celebration mode. LMFAO came to party and party they did! For a performance worthy of perfection, all that was missing were shots for EVERYBODY!

LMFAO Chicago 7

Set List / Chicago

Rock The Beat

La La La


I’m In Miami Bitch (I’m In Chicago Bitch)

Get Crazy

I Shake, I Move


LMFAO Chicago 4

LMFAO Chicago 8

LMFAO Chicago 5

LMFAO Chicago 9

LMFAO Chicago 6

Written by Kate Jacobsen
Photographed by Jennifer Boyer

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