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Adam Lambert: Transposing, Lip-Syncing, & Auto-Tune

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour For Your Entertainment

adam Lambert

The Dead Hub was lucky enough to get another opportunity to ask Adam Lambert a couple of questions pertaining to his debut album For Your Entertainment and current headlining Glam Nation Tour. Read what Adam had to say below in regards to transposing his tunes live, pitch correction plug-in Auto-Tune, and the dreaded act of lip-syncing… Dead Hub: Many of your songs have you belting and holding out some pretty high notes. Do you find yourself having to lower the key of any of your songs live in your set on this tour just as a means to save your voice? Adam Lambert: Yes. We have lowered a couple of the keys so that I can make sure that I am sounding my best every night. I worked with a vocal coach on the show and we sat [down] and looked at everything. We said, “Okay, so let’s take this one down a half step and maybe alter this one,” so that I can get through it every night.

adam Lambert

Dead Hub: As someone who can really sing and has Broadway musical experience, how do you feel about artists who lip-sync when performing live and use Auto-Tune in the recording studio?Adam Lambert: I think at the end of the day, whatever they need to do to make the song sound good is what it is about for them. I do not judge it. It is not for me. I am not going to be lip-syncing anytime soon. I am not really fond of Auto-Tune abuse. But it’s a style and it’s cool and it’s catchy. If it makes you sing along and it makes you dance, then the song is doing its job and that is the whole point. I just happen to prefer the style where it is more vocally driven.

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