Tattoos, Women, Sex, & Tequila = Vince Neil’s New Album

Vince Neil
Tattoos & Tequila
Release Date:  6/22/2010
Label:  Eleven-Seven

Vince Neil’s new album, Tattoos & Tequila, is out today.   In true Vince Neil fashion, the cover has a very sculpted woman in a bikini leaving a pool while Vince is sitting on the sidelines watching her as he drinks tequila.  In short Vince hasn’t strayed from the Mötley Crüe image or music.

The album is nothing less than rock n’ roll.  The album opens with “Tattoos & Tequila.” Of course Vince wants women to show him her tattoos and he’ll let her have some of his tequila.  It’s very rock Mötley Crüe-esque.

Vince plays with a couple covers on T&T.  The most unlikely one is “Bitch is Back” originally written and recorded by Sir Elton John.  I was slightly shocked until I thought about the lyrics, and it dawned on me how Vince’s personality and life experiences are closely tied to the song lyrics.  This rendition is much better than Elton’s version and I am much less embarrassed cracking the volume up on this one.

Vince also covers CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain.”  While the track isn’t half-bad, it is out of place on the album. It’s the slowest track on the album but stays true to CCR.  This misfit track is also one of the only tracks that isn’t sexually charged.

AC/DC is defined several ways. There is alternating and direct current, the Aussie rock band, AC/DC power but it’s also defined as a bi-sexual.  Vince takes the bi-sexual definition and used it as the theme for this track.  He may be dating a beautiful woman, but she also is doing the same.

Tattoos & Tequila doesn’t reinvent the rock n’ roll wheel, but it makes for a fantastic summer soundtrack.  For a good time call Vince Neil!

Track to check out:

Tattoos & Tequila
Viva Las Vegas
Bitch is Back

You can purchase Tattoos and Tequila on iTunes here.

Vince’s Tour Dates:

Jun 23 2010 7:00P      Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion    Gilford, New Hampsh, US
Jul 3 2010 8:00P      Stars & Stripes Festival   Mount Clemens, Michigan , US
Jul 9 2010 7:00P    Heart of Illinois Fair   Peoria, Illinois , US
Jul 22 2010 7:00P   Kewadin Casino Outdoor Festival   Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan , US
Jul 23 2010 8:00P   Halfway Jam   Royalton, Minnesota , US
Jul 24 2010 8:00P   Dakota Rock Festival  Sioux Falls, South Dako, US
Aug 26 2010 7:00P    Bear Claw Casino   Carlyle, Saskatchew
Aug 27 2010 7:00P  4 Bears Casino   New Town, ND
Nov 11 2010 2:30P    Ship Rocked   Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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