Debi Nova: The Sounds of Summer

Debi Nova
Luna Nueva
Released: 5/18/2010
Label: Universal/Decca/Surco

Ah, just a few days ago we had our first official day of summer. For most it was the longest day of the year (literally) and filled with massive storms and flooding.   No matter what Mother Nature delivers to us we can always count on some great summer music. Debi Nova’s newest album, Luna Nueva, is the perfect soundtrack for this less than perfect summer (at least in the Midwest).

This isn’t Debi’s first time around the block. She has taken part in a total of 6 Grammy award-winning projects and worked with the likes of Ricky Martin and Sergio Mendes.  Luna Nueva is nothing short of Latin Pop brilliance.  The album features English and Spanish songs and sometimes “Spanglish” ones (English and Spanish).

The album starts with the Costa Rican native’s Brazilian Samba “Need 2 B Loved.”  This and the soca/hip hop inspired track “Drummer Boy” are by far the catchiest tracks off Luna Nueva. “Drummer Boy” is already a hit and there is no doubt that “Need 2 B Loved” will make its mark with listeners too.

Luna Nueva is filled with traditional Latin Pop sounds, but to my surprise found that some of the sounds aren’t what they appear to be. Debi’s voice is set to all sorts of guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, percussion, strings, and of course, electronic programming. Then Debi said that on “vete de me” the songs open and closes with what sounds to be birds chirping. In actuality they are the sounds of mice. She owes that and the other marvels of Luna Nueva to her producer, Marius de Vries, who “always brought the unexpected (into the studio).”  Marius is no chump either with his 5 Grammy Nominations and production work with Madonna, Bjork, Massive Attack, and Josh Grobin.

The strongest tracks are her upbeat tracks, but “vete de mi” hit a cord with me.  The ballad rocked my audio senses. The theme of the song is trying to forget about love and and losing the love of your life and feeling the emptiness that accompanies the loss.  Debi’s voice conveys the heavy theme of the song in the most beautiful and entrancing way. If you did know the translation of the song you’d think it was about finding the love of your life not losing it.

Tracks to Download:

Normally there are only a couple tracks off each album I listen to that I would highly recommend. Luna Nueva has captured my full attention and I have to recommend the entire album.  It’s just one of those feel goodalbums and it even made me want to dance and this white girl doesn’t dance. That says a lot! You can purchase the album here or her first single “Drummer Boy” from iTunes here and here.

More info on Debi Nova:
Official Website

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