The stars are aligned for Jones

The Constellations reap accolades
“Southen Gothic” released
Summer tours heating up


Atlanta’s latest export – The Constellations – are bringing their southern style – and their “Southern Gothic” to a town near you this summer. Their touring plans have them criss- crossing the country spreading joy and music with reckless abandon.

I caught up with lead singer Elijah Jones recently between stops to get a handle on the band that has evolved and solidified into a tight touring unit – a group so tight they can recreate much the intricately nuanced “Southern Gothic” live on stage.

“We are touring with eight members which allows us to recreate a lot of the album,” Jones said.“Still some of the songs have to be reinterpreted.”

“When we recorded the album, we were worried about recreating it live,” Jones said. “Eventually we learned that if the song was good – it doesn’t matter how you present it.  If it truly is a good song – you can play it any way you feel comfortable with and it will be enjoyed by the audience.”

The Constellations – by all accounts – got their name because of the stars that orbited this humble project in the early days – stars that  illuminated it and blended their special talents into the mix. Over the last year the eclectic band has developed a solid more permanent line-up.

“We started this as sort of a side project – a studio project,” Jones said. “We want to push the boundaries of music and explore a variety of genres. This was the first band that let me push the envelope.”

“None of this was planned,” he said. “We just did what we felt. Everything came from the soul and became the heart of the band.”

The idea that having no musical road map or boundaries can be challenging for a band – music is basically a logical pursuit (it is – after all – pure mathematics) and having a vision to focus on makes it easier to adhere to a specific genre.

“Southern Gothic” adheres only to the quality of the music.

“The challenge is for the listener,” Jones said. “We just play what we feel is the most honest and true to ourselves.”

While Jones cherishes his time on the road, he has spoken of the longing to get back into the studio for a while.

“I am aching to get back in and record something,” he said. “I just want to get involved in a project. I just love to write music.”

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