Entertainment Schedule for Webster Hall

Entertainment Schedule for Webster Hall

Webster Hall New York CityEast Village music legend Lach presents a night of Antifolk in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street). Doors are at 7pm for ages 18+. Five-dollar admission and a 2-drink minimum with 3rd drink free.

Coming to Webster Hall on Wednesday July 14th : An Antifolk Mini-Fest!

The Antifolk scene that has launched such notable acts as Beck, Regina Spektor and The Moldy Peaches is always in the process of refreshing itself. At its latest home at Webster Hall, Lach’s Antihoot, the heartbeat of the scene, has already, in the past three months, discovered some amazing new talent. The weekly Tuesday night Antihoot currently features the Anti-Idol competition where each week the crowd’s favorite performer of the night wins $100 and a shot at a recording deal.

July 14th will showcase Anti-Idol finalists Cal Folger Day, Crazy and The Brains and Rob Shapiro as well as scene alumni The Fools, Sam James and headliners Eric Wolfson and The War Cabinet.

7:30- The Fools – “The Fools play strikingly direct, lo-fi, sometimes folky janglerock songs with casual vocals, guitar and bass. A lot of this comes at you through a wall of reverb like an old jazz record from the 50s. These songs get under your skin when you least expect it, they’re so tuneful.” – Lucid Culture

8- Cal Folger Day- Cal Folger Day was born and partly raised in our great nation’s capital city. Now, in garrets and saloons, she strums, whacks, hoots and hollers for congregations of customers most nights of the week. Janis Joplin meets Maria Mulduar in a barfight.

8:30- Crazy and The Brains- One of our fave acts from the latest class of Antifolk. Bright, brash with ridiculous hooks. Violent Femmes meets Gen X with a few Moldy Peaches on the side.

9-Rob Shapiro- Brilliantly funny stand-up comic in the vein of Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks.

9:30-Sam James (of The Wowz) – Sam from The Wowz will be doing a rare solo acoustic set.

“The country-leaning rock-and-roll trio the Wowz traffic in polished harmonies and the occasional twang, but behind the rough folk façade there’s a great deal of wit and allusion, and a deeply urban core—the Everly Brothers with a New York accent.” –The Wowz

10-Eric Wolfson and The War Cabinet- His signature song “Sleeping Is a Sucker’s Game,” kicked off the second disc of the Anticomp Folkilation CD and was hailed for its “scene-skewering” lyrics by American Songwriter Magazine. But it was just the warm-up to Wolfson’s first full-length release, “State Street Rambler”, which Urban Folk Magazine raved “is a glorious mash-up of swaggering rock’n’roll that sounds just like you immersed your head in a bucket of 1969, simple, evocative balladry, and loony truth-to-power talking blues…It’s an unbridled wild horse of a record, with a fat streak of goofy humor and not a little social outrage.”

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