Pharrell’s new way to tell an old story

Despicable Me
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Featuring Pharrell and Robin Thicke
Star Trak/ Interscope

When “Despicable Me” is released in the theaters, every squeak, nudge, and burp will be copied by children in every day camp, swimming pool, and sandlot baseball game.

All of the necessary archetypes are in place; lovable villain, understanding children, and some terrible act averted in the name of love or something like it. With a stellar cast lead by Steve Carell – there is almost no way this film can fail.

The soundtrack – featuring “songs and themes” by Pharrell (among others) is going to bump dat phat beat out of Mom’s SUV all the way to soccer practice and all the way home.

One of the most compelling elements of the soundtrack is that it can almost stand alone as some type of cool pop record for kids. This is the perfect disc to introduce kids to music more vital and exciting than a lot of the radio fare they are forced to listen to these days.

The opening/title track “Despicable Me” is an anthem for all the naughty kids – or kids who just have to get some things off of their chest. Set to thudding – resonating beats – this number will have kids of all ages swaying and grooving and releasing all of the things that they have to deal with. It is a cathartic pop nugget for today’s kids.

Through the first half of the disc – we get more pop. Some of it is directly tied to the plot while “I’m on a Roll” (Destinee and Paris) is just a cool bit of grrl power. Good stuff for good girls.

The disc takes a turn when the Sylvers’ “Boogie Fever” booms its way out of the stereo speakers. Suddenly we have a new disc – a different disc – but one that still offers something for everyone.

Robin Thicke’s My Life” almost channels Anthony Newley by way of Andre Benjamin.

Lupe Fiasco – a frequent Pharrell  contributer – co-wrote and performed the hilarious “Minions Mambo.”

The final cut “The Unicorn Song” has nothing to do with the old folk song about Noah’s ark. It’s a quirky little thing that grows on you hard and fast – so be careful.

Initially there was nothing about this movie that elicited my curiosity. With a soundtrack this hip and energizing and fun, I’ll be the guy pushing the kids out of the way for a good seat the day the movie comes out.

Be careful little ones.

Standout tracks
“Despicable Me”
“Rocket’s Theme”

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