Identity theft the least of their crimes

Suns Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program The Howl and the Many Self-released

I guess my biggest problem with the Suns is that there is nothing compelling about them. There is nothing that makes me want to put the disc on other than it is my job to  listen and be fair and share my thoughts on music.

They suffer from a lack of originality and a severe shortage of focus. Let’s start with the name:

The name was already taken – but that doesn’t seem to bother the Suns. (Actually the original band I am talking about was The Suns – this band is simply Suns – but you get my drift.) Most people probably forgot about the late 80’s hip hop group anyway, but this inability to be original is symptomatic of the 21st century Suns and what they do.

The music – which vacillates between The Fray-lite and unfocused Coldplay – is as uninspired as you are likely to hear. The production values rival that of the worst reel-to-reel mix down I can remember hearing.

Vocals get lost at best. The drums – which are well played – seem to be the driving force – although not in the traditional sense. There is an orchestral groove to much of the drum playing and that is often the only individual instrument that can be picked out of the wishy-washy mess of music.

So the name has already been used. The band sounds like cheap versions of bands we already know. Then we get to the names of the discs. “The Howl and the Many” is the name of an unsigned suburban Chicago band from a number of years back. The other disc “Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program” seems to have no grounding in anything that I can figure out.

I was also dismayed that they released two EPs. This is kind of disrespectful to the family member who will buying the discs. I understand there is a free download, but there is still no apparent reason to make someone go through the process twice. (Also for those uninformed – you have to pay for the downloads on other sites.)

Perhaps some time with the help of a producer who can clean up the sound and reduce the white noise count – and with an identity counselor – this band could do become compelling. Right now – they seem to be caught in an eclipse.

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